Rebbe – Chayei Sara – 5752

This talk was the introduction to the international Kinus / convention of Shluchim

1 Standing at the opening of the Shluchim convention, we have to discuss what is the goal of the Shlichus, and there’s always a single Mitzvah, through which all the other Mitzvahs ascend, and our goal is to Greet Moshiach.

2. In fact Moshiach Himself is a messenger from God.

2a Why did Moshe say to God, ‘don’t send me because eventually you will send Moshiach?”

2b He did this, because ultimately there is a fundamental connection between Moshe and Moshiach.

3. We will understand this connection by first understanding the nature of a Shliach / emissary, and the first was Eliezer, who was sent by Avraham to find a wife for his son, and the highest Halachic definition, is, that the emissary is literally the sender.

4. We know that Abraham gave Eliezer a contract which showed that he had bequeathed all his property to his son – to make him desirable for a future spouse -the question can be asked, why would Abraham go to such incredible lengths?

5. The answer is, because the marriage of Yitzchok to Rifka, was not just a personal affair, it was going to be the destiny, the progenitor of the entire Jewish people, and hence it makes sense to understand that Eliezer was made into a Abraham, for the mission.

6. In Likuitie Torah, the Alter Rebbe explains that the marriage of Yitzchok and Rifka, in fact reflects the marriage of the soul and the body, for the entire goal of reality is the soul and the body unite to fulfill God’s mission on Earth.

6a Furthermore this unity of the soul and the body will be completely realized in the Messianic era, when in fact the soul will draw energy from the body.

7. The reason the Torah says so much about the mission, theShlichus of Eleizar is because it wishes to define what is our mission, and what does it mean to be a Shliach – and to be an emissary means two contradictory simultaneous points, namely that firstly you have to have Independence and secondly you have to use your Independence and independently know that you are 100% only a messenger.

8. The most fundamental thing a person has to know, is that they are a soul in a body, on a mission from God, and the completion of this, will be seen with the coming of the Moshiach.

9. We now better understand the idea that Moshiach is a Shliach, because he is sent like Eliezer to unite the body and the soul – to bring Godliness to everyone and all parts of Earth.

10. We now have a much deeper insight into why Moshe asked that God, just send Moshiach, and he in fact accomplished, the unification of his soul and Moshiach – for Moshe represents the wisdom of Torah, which is like the sun, it is the male, giver dimension, while Moshiach represents the humility, the ability like the moon to receive, and because Moshiach has this quality which in fact is even greater than wisdom – for as we know, humility touches the essence of God – therefore Moshiach not only manifests the greatness of Moshe but he unifies all aspects.

11. Every single Jew has part of the soul of Moses and part of the soul of Moshiach – in other words, we have both the mission to be a giver, light up the world with the light of God and also be a receiver of the light – and hence first and foremost we must study the Torah and Chassidus, and then we must spread this light.

12 This is especially emphasized in Our generation, when Moshe and Moshiach of our generation, the Previous Rebbe gave and empowered every Jew to be his personal emissary, to spread the light of Torah and Chassidus, and most importantly to bring Moshiach.

13. Seeing as the Previous Rebbe has said that we have completed the mission and hence the beginning of the rule of the Moshiach has started, as it states, that if Moshiach brings about a state of Peace, as we see that the world is much more salutary for the Jewish people than ever in history – hence the last thing that is necessary for the complete revelation of Moshiach, is to accept that as it said, that in every generation is someone born with a righteousness to be the Moshiach, and from our part, we need to accept that the Previous Rebbe is the Moshiach, and he will rise and he will take us all to Israel immediately.

14. Therefore it is clear what the mission of every Jew is, as well as the Shluchim at this convention, namely, we have to do all that we can – dedicate everything we do, to bring Moshiach, and we must teach ourselves and everybody all about Moshiach.

15. May it be God’s will to immediately send the Moshiach, as we know, that all the souls of the Rebbes of each generation incarnate into the next Rebbe, and therefore the Previous Rebbe contains the soul of all the Rebbes – the main thing is that each individual should say to God, “I’ve done all possible; now please do your mission which is to bring Moshiach, right Now!”

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