Rebbe – Vayeira – 5750

1. In connection to The campaign which we recently announced – to every Shabbos gather together, to study Torah, especially something from the first and last verse of the Parsha – that has a special cherishedness, by people – so this week’s Torah portion, which is connected to the Rebbe Rashab, has in it the famous story – that when he was four or five, he went to his grandfather the Tzemach Tzeddek and he cried “Why is it that God appeared to Abraham, but he doesn’t speak to us?”

2. There’s a well-known question, as Avrohom Avinu, was so excited to do his single Mitzvah from God, how could it be that the Milah caused him pain?

3. We’ll explain this, by prefacing the idea of what the Tzemach Tzeddek says in this week’s Parsha, that the idea of illness in heaven, is that the illness is from the soul’s yearning to be one with God – which can only be healed, by a revelation from God.

4. The Tzemach Tzeddek explains, that the precursor to Avrohom’s physical illness, was actually this spiritual illness – the seeking of God, and the revelation of God was actually the healing.

5. We see the revelation of God to Abraham in the actual words “Vayeira / and appeared” “Eilav / to him” “Havayeh / God” – what this means is, Vayeira -The appearance wasn’t just an image, it was very clear! – Eilav, means it was inculcated in a very personal way, and Havayeh, means a very high level of Godliness which could premeate! and what this teaches us, is, that even though in order to receive this light, as Abraham, had to, leave his previous existence, and you have to have this great desire for God, the Revelation that comes from God can permeate us – as the famous statement, “the Jewish people and God are completely one” that the Divine Soul, which is literally God, comes into an actual practical human being – these two elements are emphasized in the Mitzvah of Mila, because the Mila represents a sacrifice, which means going Beyond self – to the essential core Jew & simultaneously, it’s not that we lose ourself, but rather our core premeates us, so we become a living servant of God.

6. Furthermore, this lofty level not only permeated Avrohom, but permeates the world – for the essence of God, which created both existence and the non-existence that preceded existence – as we know, you can only transform from one existence to another when there’s a non-existence state in-between, and hence the entire goal of reality, is not that we leave our existence – but that the essential core of who we are, permeates us, in all we do.

7. It’s also the continuation into the next week’s parsha, which speaks about the life of Sarah, which was 127 years, representing the intellect the emotions, and the Source Soul, namely, that the source so integrated perfectly within her – this is a connection with the next Parsha Chayei Sara, especially as we know that Shabbos blesses all the days of the week ahead, so they have to be permeated with the Parsha of the Shabbos before – that the revelation of God influences all the aspects of a person’s life, and in general in these three aspects: namely, first we have to have humility, which creates The vessel for our essence – the soul above to shine into – and then it shines into all of our parts – this is hinted to in the three Parshas of Lech Licha, Vayeira, and Chayei Sara- for first Abraham went from his original place, than he had the Mila, which creates the revelation of God above in our Parsha, and then this continues in permeating the world, which is the representation of the hundred and twenty-seven years of the life of Sarah & similarly we find it says “From the constraints I called to God, and He answers me with great broadness” that through the constraint, we come to the Infinite, which includes all details.

8. The lesson from the Rebbe Rashab’s crying, is that we must always, no matter what our level is, always be desperate to achieve higher revelation.

9. This is also the meaning of his name Sholom Dovber – Shalom is the name of God, and Dovber is like a bear, which is filled with flesh, so the Divine permeates deep within.

10. The practical lesson is, we all have to, no matter what our status, increase desperately our desire to get closer to God, which comes through studying Torah and especially Chassidus – we should increase the study of the Torah of the Rebbe Rashab, and Mitzvos, and spreading Chassidus and Torah, and everything has to be done in a way of unity.

11. We have to increase in an our desire for Godliness, especially this year, which is a year of miracles, miracles means to elevate, but that’s why we also say it’s a year of miracles, because the miracles descend into our reality.

12. The main thing is that we should merit the ultimate miracle, which is the coming of the Moshiach and we should celebrate the Rebbe Rashab’s birthday together with his son, who took over his place, the Previous REBBE, in Israel with Moshiach!

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