Mamer-Rebbe Lech Licha

1. The command of Avrohom, to “go to the land that I will show you” combines two polar opposites: for on one hand Avrohom, refers to the wisdom which was concealed from all, and yet this very wisdom will be revealed precisely by going to the land, to the lowest level, to reveal God.

2. This is paralleled in The descent of the soul from the highest heights in heaven to the lowest depth, our world; for though the soul is one with God, nonetheless, through its descent, it ascends even higher.

3. This is similar to having an Aliya to the Torah, which all five levels of the soul, from the lowest to the highest, get elevated – simalerly, the soul coming into this world and doing our work – like the Ark of Noah, which was elevated from the very Waters… so too our soul.

4. We have to inculcate, that even our heal, every fiber of our being, should feel the Divine.

5. From the dancing on Simchas Torah, we then elevate to the greatest understandings of Godliness.

6. Every Jew must parallel Abraham, on one hand descending to do good, and ascending to study about God.

7. This year is both a leap year connected to the Sun, and of-course we are in a month which is connected to the Moon, and the idea of the leap year is that we combine both the idea of influencing, with the idea of growth, in a simultaneous manner.

8. Drawing down this type of dual service of God, is connected to God’s essence, which create his home on Earth, as per his wishes

9. This then in turn creates the oneness of God, to descend to Earth in a manner that the Jews and God are literally one with zero separation, as torah testifies.

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