Lech Licha Rebbe (5748) quotes

1. In Israel We Begin saying Vsen Tal Umatar Livrocho / a prayer for rain as on the 7th of Cheshvan which was the day that the last travelers from Babylon, who came to the festival of Sukkois in Yerushalayim, would return home, and this indicates that it’s an appropriate time to think (as we should on the Shabbos which follows the seventh of Cheshvan) about the implementation of all the positive resolutions from the new year.

2. Specifically coming from Sukkois, which every festival has a unique characteristic and Sukkois is about Joy, and the goal is, as the Previous Rebbe says, that the energy manifested during the festival is what we draw on and manifest throughout the year.

3. This is especially emphasized this year, which the year is called Tismach / joy, as well as it’s a Hakhel year, when all the Jews gathered, men women and children, in the Holy Temple, and this influences the energy, and the joy of the year.

4. So in this Shabbos as we contemplate the time we’re coming from, we have to make a strong resolution to add in joy and in unity.

5. The essence of the Joy on Sukkois is we unite the joy of above and below, the joy that God has in the Jewish people, and the joy the Jewish people have in God.

6. The main joy that exists, the joy of God as he dwells in every Jew, which is mainly as the Jew returns to his location, to achieve his mission.

7. In terms of Jewish Unity, what is even greater than the unity of everyone together on Sukkois, is despite the fact that each goes back to their location, they remain unified.

8. As this relates to the Shabbos after the 7th of Cheshvan – Shabbos of-course is the day of joy and unity, and it includes of course Peace and tranquility, which indicates that the joy and unity throughout the year, will be amidst peace and tranquility.

9. The connection to Lech Licha is that God says, that Abraham should have a covenant, a bris and God will keep his covenant forever with the Jewish people, which indicates our eternal mission of creating a dwelling for God below, as will be explained.

10. The greatness of the Bris, is that the covenant is within the flesh of the human.

11. Avraham Avinu was great even before he did the Mila – however nothing compared to actually having a physical mitzvah.

12. Of course this Mitzvah was given to the Jewish people after the giving of the Torah, and it’s symbolic that God’s ultimate desire is to be within the physical realm, and where we go after Sukkois, is the mission.

13. We now also see the greatness of the Mitzvah of Mila, which permanently connects us to God, and as our sages say, every Mitzvah that was accepted with a joy, like Mila, is continued joyously.

14. The Mitzvah of Mila, is, besides being a Mitzvah, a general Mitzvah, because it is a sign of the covenant between God and the Jewish people.

15. Mila unites the Jewish people, for as we know, a woman is born with the Mitzvah, as if Mila was performed; hence all Jews, even converts, are united through this Mitzvah.

16. Regarding Hakhel, the unity of the Jewish people, it is an important Mitzvah for everyone to gather Jews, and to teach them Today, especially the inner dimension of Torah.

17. Furthermore, we must announce to be joyous, particularly as we are coming to the Messianic dimension.

18. And we will go from this joy, to the ultimate joy in the Holy Temple.

19. As soon as you write a letter to the Rebbe, it is taken by the Rebbe to God’s throne.

20. The Rebbe quotes what the Previous Rebbe said “Gather together, your wives, sons and daughters, to receive the blessing of God with the flow of life that God bestows upon you and all of us, through the great mercies from the source of mercy and the true compassion… which my father the Rebbe, arouses for us.”

21. From this we understand that the Rebbe continues, even after passing to arouse great blessings for all of his flock, which includes every single Jew.

22. Furthermore, as the Jews are on this planet to bring light, which is God’s mission, and as any wise employer, He bestows all the blessings possible, so they can fulfill with tranquility their mission.

23. May we see this year how all Jews become United as one with God, through Jewish Unity.

24. We will go all together to the land, not only of previously seven Nations, but of the previous ten Nations.

25. There the Holy Temple will be rebuilt.

27. We will literally see God, may this happen immediately without any momentarily delay.

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