The Rebbe on Lech Licha – 5749 quotes

1 It is very bizarre that we jump from the month of Tishrei, which is packed with festivals and joy to the month of Cheshvan, which is the only month which does not contain a single Jewish celebration or even has a fast da – which is a momentous event, as in the future, it will be transformed into festivals.

2. We will understand, this by prefacing what Chassidus teaches, that the whole command of Lech Licha that God tells Abraham to “Go” refers to the descent of the Soul into the body, from the highest height and the greatest light to the lowest depth and the deepest darkness, and ultimately the purpose of this descent, is, for even beyond the light that the soul enjoys in heaven, the essence, the essence of the soul – the essence of God, will be revealed specifically through Growing on Earth!

3. The command of Lech Licha, is also the eternal command represented by what Abraham did, namely, to literally leave the location you’re in – to be able at any moment to journey to the land, that God will tell you – for the purpose of-course, of spreading the knowledge of God, as Abraham did – to the extent, of showing people that God and reality are 1.

4. This is further emphasized by the Mitzvah of Mila, which reveals the essence, representing that Abraham had to leave his “Ivory tower” and do the mission, which we are all called to, revealing God to humanity.

5. The importance of leaving “your Homeland, your father’s house” is that specifically by going to a new land, where you are your best, you prove that your goodness a. was not dependent on your locale, and b. this very activity reveals, as mentioned, the Divine essence.

6. This applies and is the overarching principle of why we have Downs and shifts both spiritually and physically, (as we can all attest) because the ultimate goal is to test and bring out the character of the Jew, that not only in good circumstances, but even in difficult or challenging – because one is deeply connected to their spiritual convictions, they remain consistently the same.

7. This explains why we have a month of no festivals after a month packed with them, for the former is a time of inspiration, but the latter is the limitus test, if the inspiration is real.

8. This is the Clarion call of God through Abraham to every Jew “Leave! Go from your spiritual comfort zone to the world! Elevate people, spread the name of God! Teach gentiles about goodness and Justice!” – and if you think you are “descending,” know that through helping others you will receive greater Divine inspiration, assistance, and wisdom, even than Abraham, prior to his leaving.

9. This Clarion call is doubled, redoubled, and a thousand fold in our generation, when the Previous Rebbe has told each and every Jew that their mission is to go out and to teach others, and through this they will be blessed, spiritually and physically….if only we used all of the Divine potential that is being poured forth!

10. The Previous Rebe taught, that it doesn’t matter the level that you’re on: In previous generations, first people studied many years, became Rabbis, and then we’re told where to go, but now everybody is given the power, empowered and encouraged, to immediately go out, and revolutionize the world through Judaism.

11. The Practical directive is not only to those who need to go out, but to those who are already out – that they need to increase the levels of commitment to others, including themselves, for the greater you are, the more you can inspire others, who in turn can inspire others, and the more we increase, the more God blesses us, with good health, Nachas and prosperity.

12. This further emphasizes the need to purchase a home, or a building or to build one, which shows the permanence of the individual, who has moved to the locale, like Avrohom who built Mizbeachs.

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