Rebbe on Parshas Lech Licha (5752) Quotes

1. Parshas Lech Licha is both a general and fundamental Parsha (Torah portion and life lesson.)

2. This Parsha introduces the era of Avrohom Avinu, the first Jew.

3. It begins with the first command “To go from your land, from your birthplace and your father’s home, to the land I will show you – it continues with his journeys in Israel and then the promise “To your descendants, this land I shall give.”

4. The Parsha concludes with the fulfillment of the Mitzvah of Milah, and that it will be a sign between me and your descendants forever.

5. Because the content of Parshas Lech Licha is the Divine interaction and covenant between the first Jew and through him to his descendants, it’s understood that these events and instructions form the basis of all of the Torah / Judaism.

6. It is known that the period of “Two Thousand Years Torah” (there are three two thousand year periods – Creation/chaos – Torah – Redemption) began (in other words, the two thousand years of Torah, begins with Avrohom.

7. Avroham began the preparation to Matan Torah.

8. The main idea of the Two Thousand years of Torah, is the unity between God and the Jewish people which Matan Torah causes – this began with Avroham.

9. Every single idea in Torah – which comes from the word lesson – is a ongoing everlasting lesson (to Jews, everywhere and anywhere.)

10. What is the lesson we can take from the fact that God told Abraham to go to Israel, which formed a preparation for receiving the Torah – as we now stand thousands of years after.

11. Every year – we live again with the Torah lesson of the Parsha.

12. This is especially when we read the Torah in public, for then these very events reoccur.

13. Not only do they reoccur – furthermore, as holiness increases therefore these events (their spirituality) occur, on an even greater level.

14. Based on this we understand that Parshas Lech Licha annually serves as a preparation for Matan Torah.

15. Matan Torah, as we say in the daily blessing, is a daily occurrence – in fact, as holiness ascends, every day it happens on a higher level, hence daily, we must prepare.

16. When God promised to Avrohom Israel, at that moment he transferred all ten nations’ lands (though in actual fact, in the times of Yehoishua, David, Ezra, we only had the seven nations, and the other three will be willingly given in the times of Moshaich, but God’s word is done.)

17. Therefore Jewish people are still in the process of settling and acquiring the land.

18. Seeing that long (“ago”) we are ready for the complete redemption, hence every Jew must be ready to go to Israel – where we will be willingly given the additional three lands.

19. Similarly in regards to the greatness of “the new Torah that will come from me” (in the messianic era – which relative to our current Torah is incomparably greater) we have to prepare.

20. Matan Torah accomplished that levels of Godliness – way beyond human potential descended (as the famous statement, that previously there was a decree that “above and below” couldn’t unite) however now when we do a Mitzvah, we permeate even a physical object with Godliness..

21. This actually began with the command to Avrohom to “go to the land I will show you,” and the Mitzvah of Bris.

22. Prior to Avrohom’s receiving this command, he was busy with good things (though they united not heaven and earth…) however by “illogically” fulfilling God’s command – going beyond even the limits of holiness (where it would make sense to continue spreading “the word” as he had converted the whole town!) he transcended limitations, and began the process whereby the  infinite could be revealed.

23. By leaving his previous very great accomplishments, he began the process of infinity (the ability to infinitely ascend (in holiness.)

24. This was a twofold process in a. descending to deal with everyone, b. becoming the leader (of everyone.)

25. The very fact, that he descended to take care of everyone caused his extraordinary ascent, which in turn gave him the ability (to inspire globally.)

26. This is why Lech Licha is the third Parsha – Breshis is mainly about above (how God Creates) Noach is about Below (the rectification of the world..) but Lech Licha is the combination of above in below.

27. The Mitzvah of Milah was a preparation for Matan Torah, as it was the first Mitzvah that penetrated into the physical (as Mitzvos later would.)

28. One of the reasons why Mila was chosen as the entire preparation for Torah, because in this Mitzvah we see, how the very flesh of a human contains within it the Divine – furthermore it is known, one of the reasons of this Mitzvah is to lessen the Iibidic obsession, hence we see not only does this Mitzvah, keep one from evil, but can transform potential negative, to holiness.

29. Hence the lesson is, if holiness, can penetrate even the lowest, it can penetrate into everything.

30. This is why Avrom’s name was changed by this Mitzavah to Avrohom, “the father of the world (many nations”) because this holiness gives the power to refine even the lowest.

31. Now we understand why the promise to give Avrohom and the Jewish people Israel came after the Mitzvah of Mila, for the intention is that we transform it, into a holy land.

32. As we are soon coming into Israel in the messianic era, we now must prepare – spiritually, this means, the seven lands represent the seven emotions (where our main focus – self refinement currently) however when Moshiach comes, we will have all ten lands, which refers to not only the emotional element, but also the intellect, that our mind and God’s will unite.

33. The practical lesson of this is, that one of the obligations we have as Jews, is to always innovate in Torah – as Torah is infinite, so too the innovations… – however a true growth is not to innovate based on previous conceptions – rather to innovate on an entirely higher (and infinite) plane.

34. To use one’s normal mind etc. is obvious – furthermore, even to innovate beyond one’s normal abilities – however to reveal the infinite essence, is the goal.

35. We must increase the number of students we have – increase attendees at Torah classes – especially seeing that there are always new bar and bas mitzvah children.

36. True Torah innovation -is, that the innovations are so great, that one – and especially others – wonder, “how did this actually arrive?”

37. The main way we achieve this level is – especially seeing that we are about to acquire the ten lands with Moshiach – through learning Chassidus.

38. And the main thing is, that through our increase in our preparation, though studying Chassidus, we merit to receive Moshiach, and the ”new Torah that will come from me,” when all, even rocks, vegetation, animals, and especially people, will recognize, that we are God’s handiwork, and his force is continuously within.

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