Rebbe on Noach – quotes


1. Why does God repeat the commandment “to be fruitful and multiply” both in the first the Torah portion, Breishis and in the second Noach – additionally, differences in the wording because in Noach it says “spread out over the land and multiply in it” and it omits the word conquer.”

2. Also the fact that God tells twice to Noah to procreate, it would appear that there’s a very special message, for humanity.

3. To understand this, we must preface what the Medrash says that Noach saw a “new world,” and meaning of this is, that prior to the flood, the world was created in such a way, that only goodness could exist whereas afterwards, it was restructured that at any moment, any individual, like Noach through Teshuvah, positive resolve, could make it better.

4. In other words, God created that the world can always be repaired.

5. This is why the name Noach comes from the word peace, “peace above, and peace below,” because through this knowledge, opportunity and ability, for any individual, through Teshuvah, to rectify the universe, the universe therefore has, as God promised, an Eternal existence.

6. Furthermore, the reason his name is mentioned twice in sequence, is to show that he was able to unite the “peace above and the peace below” in a single individual.

7. A great benefit to the new world is the fact that the peace comes about through Avodah / human effort.

8. To achieve this, two things had to occur, the first was the destruction of the prior evil, and furthermore the ability for man’s efforts to create.

9. This was achieved through both the flood, as well as the Teivah / the ark, in which the peace, similar to the times of Moshiach, where Unity reigned, was present.

10. This then gives ability that the future world can be repaired in a peaceful, loving and kind way.

11. When the Jewish people serve God, this brings peace to the world.

12. The blessing to Noach, to go out of the ark, and be fruitful and multiply and occupy the world, is the general mission of the Soul, which is to firstly have children, and to create a dwelling for God on Earth.

13. Effectively what occurred through the flood and Noach’s willingness to follow God, was a new world order in which man would create the transformation, and therefore instead of the previous order in which Divinity was imposed, hence the terminology “conquer!;” now Divinity was desired.

13. Though the command to be fruitful and multiply was given to Adam, nevertheless as Adam initially was made up of both himself and Eve, therefore the command which is the fundamental command of populating and settling Earth, is on both man and woman.

14. Certainly we comprehend that if in general the Ari-Zal says, that the Mitzvahs that are time-bound – and therefore women don’t have to do them, are simultaneously done for the woman, as a woman is considered part of the body of the man – certainly in this Mitzvah, where a woman is the most fundamental part, that the Mitzvah is one which she has.

15. Furthermore, the man’s role in converting the world to Divine space become likewise the reward for the wife.

16. A woman like a man has been created to create this world into Divine space, which first of all begins with “conquering” her home and her family to light them up with the Flame of a Mitzvah and the light of Torah.

17. The explanation of why the sages say that it is “The way of man to conquer and not a woman” refers to the style – the male concept of conquering, like in war, can be unfortunately negative, but the female aspect, is through gentle persuasion, creating an internal Eternal transformation.

18. The manner of a woman “conquering” -, it’s not that she steps outside of her innate dignity, rather it is from the place of deep inner space, both internal space and the recognition that her main task is in her inner home, but also this refers to the concept of the inner knowledge and content, that she uses not sharp language, rather with an inner dignity and respect, through peaceful and gentle mechanisms of persuasion.

19. This beautiful mechanism of gentle dignified persuasion in fact should be emulated by men, and as we know, certainly when it comes to be reproving another, as the halacha / Jewish law teaches, it must be done in a dignified and private setting.

20. The role of the mitzvah “be fruitful and multiply” obviously is greatest by women, and it is for this reason it was given to men, for women innately understand that this is part of their Divine mission.

21. Rosh Chodesh is a holiday for women, and it is for this reason that God places more peace in the day.

22. Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan hints to – as it is always for two days – the peace brought in by Noach.

23. Practical lesson is, the month of Mar-Cheshvan is beginning of the raining season, it’s the time when we go out to water the Earth, to transform it into a Divine space.

24. Additionally as it applies to women, the Mitzvah is to, in a dignified respectable way, reach out, especially on Shabbos to make Shabbos groups for women to study Torah, or Mesibah Shabbos for girls to learn and enjoy, using the special talents, for example there is a talent in art which takes a special sensitivity which often is found by women (also to note, women should be careful in regards to taking taxis with men, as this may infringe on the laws of Yichud, and competent rabbinical authority should be consulted.)

25. May it be God’s will that through the addition of women in this – as we know that we are The reincarnation of the generation that left Egypt, and just as that generation, it was the merit of the righteous women that caused us to go out, it is the reincarnated righteous woman in our generation, that will bring Moshiach! – so their good efforts should speedily bring Moshiach, when we will all see God “eye to eye.”

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