The rebbe – noach


1. Shabbos Parshas Noach is a general Shabbos.

2. It is the first Shabbos that includes a full “work week.”

3. Every week, the original seven day cycle repeats.

4. As such Shabbos Noach represents how we succeeded.

5. A similarity between Parshas Breishis and Noach is that in the former God made the world, while in the latter he promised its continuity.

6. In other – and mystical, words – Shabbos Breishis represents an ideal state (which is why when the ideal was not met, the world was destroyed) while Shabbos Noach represents the world as – it’s ultimate – namely, when though there is evil, man can through Avodah – spiritual effort, transform.

7. The benefit of human Avoda – effort, is, that the Revelation Divinity that results, is one that allows infinite growth.

8. In fact, the sign of the rainbow, represents, that the actual source of all, is the Infinite.

9. Then we go to Parshas Lech Licha in which God says: I will reveal your infinity – as a Jew through beginning to serve God reveals a. How His growth become infinite b. The transformation.

10. As Parshas Noach represents the first full week of Avodah, therefore it is the time to make a proper soul-search – if the week went as it should.

11. And the soul-search must be: if God has become my personal guide.

12. To begin – though we must judge everyone favorably – nonetheless, one – as we are dealing with self-education (discipline) must frequently look at one’s own thoughts, speech and action (mainly to rectify them.)

13. First and foremost, our Teshuva (rectification) must be Visa-vis interpersonal relations (for example, if one accidently didn’t return a hello (not that one was God-forbid rude, but perhaps busy doing a Mitzvah, but nonetheless) the other got offended…)

14. There is a higher level of Teshuvah in which we elevate to a space where we are only good – though this lacks dealing with the details – ultimately, we seek to get to a higher state, but simultaneously be able to have the New-You, permeate all life’s details.

15. Furthermore, recognizing that the Divine forgives always, allows us to be permanently joyful.

16. In Shabbos, our Teshuvah is with great joy – in fact, on Shabbos our Teshuvah is through connecting deeply with God, via studying Torah.

17. This joy is further emphasized in this Shabbos for our Teshuva is coming in the wake of Moshiach!

18. It is necessary to realize that though as an individual there may be needs of Teshuvah, but the entire house of Israel, as a complete whole, has completed all the Teshuvah necessary for the arrival of Moshiach – and the greatest bewildering wonder, is why He is yet to arrive.

19. It is that the whole body of Israel is complete and any individual Teshuvah is sort of like a headache, that the medicine removes the issue completely.

20. This was said in the time of the Previous Rebbe, how much more so, 40-plus years later – are we completely ready.

21. Redemption at this stage is only dependent on Moshiach Himself.

22. This also leads to emphasizing the Mitzvah of Kiddush Levana, which it says, is like meeting God – because when we see the birth of the Moon, which reminds us – that Jewish people, through God are always reborn.

23. Furthermore, the notion of the moon which receives its light from the sun, shows on the completion of the goal which is that the Jew below should receive His entirety from God.

24. It also alludes to the fact that God wanted that in the very darkness of reality, His infinity should permeate.

26. Therefore the main action we must undertake this Shabbos is to make a firm resolve to always do the Kiddush Levana, in beautiful clothing, with a beautiful crowd outside, and to try to do it in the right time – as there are different opinions if it’s from the 3rd of the month, 7th.. ideally to do it Motzai Shabbos, if it’s before the 10th and mainly we need to do this with intention of bringing Moshiach!

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