The Rebbe Quotes Vayeilech Parsha (5749)

The idea of Shabbos Teshuva is the fulfilment / completion of Teshuva.

Shabbos has the letters Tashev return (Teshuvah) – This refers not only to the lower, but the higher level of Teshuva.

Especially on the Shabbos of the Ten Day of Teshuva (Shabbos Shuvah) we effect a powerful Teshuva.

On Shabbos Teshuvah (as always) our joy in doing Teshuvah must be felt.

The true idea of Teshuva is that you go to levels of which you are not.

On Shabbos Teshuva, we have an infinite Teshuvah, to go infinitely beyond.

As Parshas Vayeilech speaks about the fact that Moses completed (and wrote) the whole Torah, it is connected to Simchas Toirah!

Hence the Teshuva of Parshas Vayeilech, Shabbos Shuva, is with the infinite joy of Simchas Torah.

Parshas Vayielech blesses with its joy, the fast of Yom Kippur – to the extent, that it is not a day of pain, rather even though we are fasting, as we are merging with God, we are elated!

Whenever God gives us a warning, it is not to frighten, rather to cause us to prevent it – through Teshuvah.

Furthermore, when we do the Teshuva, the very seeming negative, becomes a positive!

Here we see the incredible power of a Jew!!

As women are gifted with the three primary Mitzvos of Kosher, Niddah and lighting Shabbos candles, from time to time they should review its laws.

On the Yor Tzeit of the Rebbetzin Chana, Vov Tishrie we should copy her example of being a copyist – she would copy (write) the Mammorim of Chassidus for distribution – hence we should distribute Chassidus.

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