All we need to know is hidden in the mysterious idea of energy

Energy – it’s all around – what exactly is it?

Well the deeper we look at it, like light, the less it reveals

But from what we do see, oh’ what is extrapolated

First and foremost, without energy there is no life

So in essence, we are all forms of energy

Now energy being inherently unlimited, takes on multiple directions

There is the energy of a black hole – its matter so dense, its gravitational field so strong, like when we are depressed (God- forbid) that it sucks our energy – in fact, the gravity energy (pulling everything towards it, is our ego)

We then of course have the primary three phases of energy (matter = e) namely, we have the solid stage (frozen – this is like fear – parylization) then we have the liquid stage – this is the healthy stage of balance, and finally we have air

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