Sicha – shelach 5750

1. The tribe of Levi was separated to serve exclusively God.

2. This doesn’t only apply to the tribe of Levi, but any Jew who desires to serve God, becomes as, not only, as holy, as the tribe of Levi, but even as the Cohen Gadoil.

3. This separation is twofold, on one hand, they become holy, on the other hand, their purpose is to teach, and even in the worst of times, the tribe of Levi can elevate the world.

4. The goal of the tribe of Levi and the Holy Temple was to manifest the Divine.

5. The soul of a Tzaddik, is found more in this world after he dies then before, because previously, one connects only two a ray, but now one can connect to the essence.

6. The ability for the soul to ascend in heaven is specifically based on the work it does on Earth.

7. The main Joy God has, is, from our refinement of the world.

8. The revelation of Moshiach, specifically is to the lowest level.

9. It’s not enough to study Torah, we must reveal the essence of the Torah, which actually is a blessing to God.

10. Our sages say just teach, from the 15th of Av, the nights get longer than the days, and whoever adds and increases in their study of Torah, they will be increased in the years of their life.

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