Sicha – Emor

1. Women have the Merit and the obligation to educate their children in Torah.

2. One of the Practical mechanisms is when a child comes home from school is to ask them to repeat what they learned.

3. While we are on the subject, it pays to mention the obligation of women in their study of Torah, which is obviously related to the education of their daughters, that women as the Jewish law teaches, are obligated to know all the laws that they must follow, like the laws of niddah, Tevvila (Mikvah) Melicha ( salting / kosher) Yichud Etc. and every Mitzvahs Asei that is not time bound and every Mitzvahs Loi Saseh of the Torah and of the Rabbis, for they are obligated just as men – which is the vast majority of the laws of the Torah.

And mainly they need to know Chassidus, as Chassidus explains the fundamental laws, such as faith in Hashem, his unity, love, fear Etc. as the verse says “Know God your father, and serve him with a complete heart”, which is necessary to keep the six constant Mitzvahs which a person should never forget about, at any moment.

4. Though in previous generations not all women were educated, however it’s known that the great rabbis established schools, and now when in any event there are negative influences, there must be positive influences.

5. Furthermore this is one of the Great preparations for Moshiach.

6. This is also one of the reasons why God told Moshe to first teach the Torah to the women, because to a large extent, the spirit of the home and the study of the husband and the children depend on her.

7. Therefore to whatever extent a woman can increase her knowledge of Torah it is highly laudable.

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