Understanding a. why Lori Gilbert-Kaye @ Chabad in California was murdered & b. what our response is

As Prime Minister Netanyahu says, “Antisemitism is one of the oldest diseases.”

Few though understand…

As in the Kansas City shooting, the shooters obviously know that this will cost themselves.

In fact, in the California shooting, the shooter called 911!

A human being is invariably existing in one of four states:
1. happy (go-lucky)
b. the opposite – stressed
c. depressed
d. thoughtful (mature).

Now when we get into b. (stressed,) as Kabbalah teaches, a number of consequences unravel:

1. As Kabbalah (the book of Yetzirah/creation) writes – “There is nothing we enjoy more than pleasure, and nothing we abhor more than suffering.”

Hence as “perpetual anxiety” is “perpetual suffering,” this leads to:

b. as the Talmud writes, “we are by nature jealous”….

And therefore, as there can be no more pleasurable state than feeling good (particularly about oneself – in fact, the Rebbe teaches, “The greatest joy is nachas (sort of pride) from one’s positive.”)

In conclusion, the sad truth (as confirmed by Game-Theory (invented by Van-Nueman who invented algorithms, the computer, among other mathematical innovations) when unfortunately people are feeling stressed, a (subconscious) jealousy over those who are not – leading to random acts of violence.

The solution therefore is to a. Love!
b. a practical mechanism which has helped many is the implementing of the sage advice of the Jewish masters, such as:
1. When you wake up in the morning (as the first thought influences the rest of the day) Express Gratitude (and as research shows, gratitude culminates in hope and happiness)
2. Forgive nightly (yes, before you go to bed – the first part of our bedtime prayers is: we forgive everyone.)

Practically, I have collected their advice on how to live a stress free and loving life

Kabbalah-Love Book

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