The Rebbe’s last “most fundamental” Mammer – mystical insights

1. The role of Moses and the Moses of every generation is to connect each and every Jew with the Infinity of Divinity.

2. When Moses does this, He himself receives a greater degree of the Infinity of Divinity.

3. The reason we need a Moses to connect us, while intrinsically we are all connected – is because, this internal connection may not be internalized.

4. Specifically, being humiliated, crushed and humbled through our humiliation and suffering in Exile, leads to Infinity of Divinity to soar within.

5. In every Exile, just as in Egypt, there are powerful inhibitions, to reveal our internal Divinity.

6. There are two reasons why Jews innately believe in God: the first is that our soul is divided into two parts – namely, the main part is in heaven, and that part Sees God, and therefore the soul below senses this truth -, and on a deeper level, the essence of the soul is God.

7. As in the first instance, we are dealing with a faith which transcends the soul belows’ comprehension, therefore, this faith is not manifest; while in the second instance, namely, that the soul is God! once this knowledge is Manifest, so too is our faith.

8. The mechanism that Moses reveals our intrinsic faith, is by revealing our intrinsic soul.

9. The main time our intrinsic soul is revealed, is in the Mesirus Nefesh / self-sacrifice, during the plagues of Exile.

10. The reason for this is, that the capacity to give one’s life to God, comes from the essence of the Soul, which realizes that it is God, and hence cannot be separated from its essence.

11. Hence the main goal of the Rebbe / Moses of the generation, is to reveal the intrinsic faith.

12. In fact, the main way that Moses arouses the intrinsic Soul / faith of the Jewish people, is through his reincarnation in the Rebbe / Moses of the generations following.

13. Now there are two types of feeling humbled and crushed, the first is from God-forbid an actual persecution; the second, more important one, is when, though things in Exile may be both physically and spiritually light, nonetheless, one creates an internal state of humility and dissatisfaction.

14. The mechanism to achieve an internal humility and dissatisfaction, in order to reveal our intrinsic Infinite Divinity, is to understand, that by Nature as a Jew -as all Jews, we desire that God should be revealed! and no matter the revelations that we are aware of, it is nothing compared to the revelations when the Holy Temple will and did stand.

15. Often it was heard the Alter Rebbe pleading to God, “I want Not Your Heaven, I want not the world to come, I want, but you alone.”

The fact that the Tzemach Tzeddek, revealed this, shows, that each of us can attain this level.

16. In fact, daily in our prayers, Thrice in Shemoina Esrei, we request that God return in the Messianic Redemption.

17. When Moshiach will come, not only will we have the revelation of God, but the revelation of God’s essence.

18. Based on the essence of our soul, which is the essence of God, obviously all of us, are a single unit.

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