The Rebbe on Yisroi – quotes

The Ten Commandments are said twice in the Torah, once in Parshas Yisroi and the second time in the book of the Devarim in Parshas Ve-eschanan.

Because the Ten Commandments are the sum total of Judaism, as we know, Reb Saadiah Geon shows how each Mitzvah, can be traced to one of the 10, therefore it must be, that the fact, that they are said twice – each one has something unique which it’s presenting.

One fundamental difference is, that the first Ten Commandments are direct words of God, in the 2nd are the repetition of the first through Moses, and this relates to the fact, that throughout all the Torah, these two aspects – in fact, that through every Jew’s learning – namely, that a. it comes from God, and b. God comes through the Jew – is present.

In Torah, there are the two aspects, a. It is a Sublime Divine wisdom connected to God-Himself and b. it descends into our world and we use it to transform the material into spiritual.

In the study of Torah, we have to have these two dimensions: number one, we have to know that this is the word of Hashem; in fact, speaking through the individual and the individual only sees themselves as the mouthpiece of the Divine; and second of all, there has to be the fact, that the person understands Torah, and relates it to the reality, to the extent that the person then becomes the Master of Torah.

This of-course is the whole goal of Torah, to make the Dirah Bitachtoinim, the dwelling for God on Earth, that number one, the Torah has the Holiness to draw God to Earth, and number two, the Jew on Earth, doing the Torah, draws God into the Earthly reality

In other words, just as if somebody were to wish to become part of a community, they would have to understand it and function within its niceties, so too the idea is, that the soul comes into the Gentile world, and growing up in that world, understanding its culture, uses it for God.

The first and primary Dirah Bitachtoinim / indwelling of God is obviously within the Jew, whose soul is from God, but when you do God’s work, this manifests the soul in a revealed way and gives you the opportunity to reveal God in the whole world.

The first Ten Commandments which is said directly from God, have the power of infinity, but to receive that power you have to be humble – the second Ten Commandments which comes through Moses, has the ability to descend within the mindset of our understanding.

The ultimate is the combination, in other words, that a Jew, similar to Moses, because he is humble to the word of God in the Torah, is here, for in essence, he is able to manifest as a conduit, God, in the entire reality.

God said to Moses, that you shouldn’t skimp on explaining the rationale of the Mitzvahs and according to the Yerushalmi this includes the mysticism, because it must come into the logical mind, even though it comes from a super logical source.

The revelation of God which comes through the Moshe Rabeinu of every generation, becomes higher and higher, especially as we see, as the Moshe Rabeinu of Our Generation the Previous Rebbe passed away on Yud Shvat, Which is a combination of the 10 and 11 (ED. and going even higher, the Rebbe becomes Rebbe on the 11th of the 11th) which is a combination of Atzmus, the essence of God in the Torah, and through the Torah in our world.

As all Revelations like Flames merge into one, therefore, all the revelations from Moshe Rabeinu till the Rebbe, the infinite amount of Divinity, is now present for all.

The Practical directive is that we have to understand that through using our 10 soul Powers, our Chochmah, Binah and Daas and 7 emotions: Chessed, Gevurah, Tifferes, Netzach, Hoid, Yesoid, Malchus – in other words, our mind and our heart, and furthermore, our Coiches Makifim, our Supernatural powers of Desire and Delight, and using it all for spreading of Judaism, we will bring Moshiach.

We should use all our soul Powers as mentioned, to influence within the next week, 10 more Jews.

As the Jews in the Rebbe’s Shul behave, this causes such behavior in the whole world.


All the Torah, both the Commandments, as well as the prohibitions, jointly create a holy person.

Generally speaking, the positive commandment draw Godliness onto one’s soul, and the prohibitions, prevent the dark Forces from extracting energy from holiness.

Even the prohibitions, by not doing them, we draw down in fact a greater light than the positive Commandments.

When Moshiach comes and all the dark Forces will be eradicated, therefore these Mitzvos, will only be done for the positive aspect of a drawing down the great Revelations of light that they contain.

The concept that all the Mitzvahs draw down Godliness, we can currently do, by appreciating this fact.

The idea of the Mitzvos, is like the union of marriage, in other words, that we on one hand are dedicated to God, which simultaneously, prohibits us from dedicating ourselves to anything else.

By not doing any of the Prohibitions of the Torah, we achieve a Holiness beyond our Realm.

When we learn Torah, we manifest the Mitzvah, so therefore, even when we do the learning about something that is prohibited, we’re manifesting the positive light from beyond our realm, into our realm.

The ultimate goal is that man’s mind should combine with God’s, so they become the Torah.

The Practical directive, is, standing in the time of the giving of the Torah, we have to make a resolution, to add both in the amount and in the quality of Torah that we study.

We should also make Gatherings on Shabbos to learn Torah.

May it be God’s will, that through taking the resolutions to do this, immediately Moshiach will come! and by this Parshas Yisroi, all of the great Tzaddikim and Tzidkaniyois will rise, and we will go immediately to the Beis Hamikdash and the Holy of Holies.


The nature of an intelligent being is he contemplates what happens to him and the world around him, and derives lessons from that.

This is all the more so when an event like a passing of a loved one occurs.

The purpose of these lessons as the Baal Shem Tov says, is to learn a lesson in growth and greater dedication to Torah and Mitzvos.

The Rambam writes that the main point of the Mitzvahs is self refinement.

As the purpose of creation is the refinement of man and the world, therefore during the weekday, when we’re most involved in the world, is when the most purpose is revealed.

We learn from Shabbos – the main work we need to be involved in, in transforming the world….

The main prohibition on Shabbos is fire, which means, the main thing we have to do during the week, is to light the fire of the Divine within us, and apply it, at least to one part of our life, to dedicate ourselves 100%.

The power of Mesirus Nefesh, to give ourselves 100% to God, is not something that we have to evoke in our self, it’s only something like a pilot flame, that we just have to turn on.

The whole point of the giving of the Torah, was to enable us through doing the Mitzvot, to transform what seems physical into something now spiritual-physical.

The ability to transform the physical into the spiritual, can only take itself from the source which created both.

As God’s entire desire was the ability to dwell below, therefore even the greatest Revelations, including the giving of the Torah, are only there for the subsequent manifestation.

Whatever we do below, effects above, and above is specifically complete, when it comes below.

The soul in heaven deeply desires – as it truly appreciates the importance of Good Deeds on Earth – that we do good deeds in it’s memory.

This is why, even on Yom Kippur, when you are remembering the soul, you make a commitment to charity, because it’s all about the Good Deed, down here.

God rewards us for every single coin, every step, every kindness, that we do.

The teacher of the daughters, of the Previous Rebbe wanted to not tell them the stories, that are perhaps scary – about martyrdom.., and the Previous Rebbe, said, “on the contrary, these are the type of stories that are most resonant with a Jewish child.”

We contemplate, that the 22 letters of speech within the Torah are how God continuously creates, and recreates the world, and the lesson is, that, “that includes me, and therefore I will dedicate myself to His will.”

When we do a Mitzvah below, for the soul above, this gives great pleasure to the soul, and they arouse God’s mercies upon us.

The lesson from the Rebbetzin is, that everything that we do, even a tiny detail of our physical life, has to be done with the fire of our Divine soul.

Specifically, we have to make times to study Torah, including the stories of the Gamora.

The coming of Moshiach will not only save us below, but even more so, because the soul above appreciates the preciousness of Torah and Mitzvahs, in fact, is even more so, saving the souls above.

When Moshiach comes, all the souls will come down into their bodies.

We Moshiach comes, we will see how the 22 letters of the Torah animate all physical matter, control and direct it.


The giving of the Torah accomplished, that the Infinity of God should permeate into us and in the world, finite beings.

In the Ten Commandments, the first commandment, which is the foundation of Judaism, namely faith in God, has three parts: the first is the belief that God is a Creator, the second is the belief that God is infinitely Beyond being a Creator, all of creation is like a person who merely says 10 sentences… and the third is the knowledge that God being infinitely Beyond, has the capacity to be both infinitely Within.

The idea of the Ten Commandments is to understand that when we study Torah, it is exactly God Himself, speaking within.

The Torah, coming from God’s Essence, therefore has the ability – because it’s unlimited, to transform us when we study it.

It says in Gemarah, that a husband has to encourage his wife and his children, and guide them in the right direction.

As God Is So to say the husband of the Jewish people, therefore He takes responsibility, in guiding us continuously.

First and foremost a husband must ensure that his wife is following the right path, as this is the foundation of the home.

Just as women excel in doing things with love, so too, when we encourage another Jew, we must do so with a smile and love.

A daughter follows in her Father’s Footsteps.

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