The Rebbe on Shabbos Parshas Bishalach – Quotes

It says in Likuitei Torah, that every day has Shabbos, which is the daily prayers; and these combine together, on the Shabbos, and Elevate all the deeds of the day, and the week; to God.

Our sages teach, that all elevations from world to world, happen through a song.

The elevation of Shabbos which elevates the week, happens through the song of Shabbos.

This is particularly emphasized and is empowered through the song of Az Yashir, the song the Jews sang when the Jews crossed the sea.

The main elevation of Shabbos is on Shabbos Shirah, when we read the song in the Torah portion, and this empowers the elevation of all the subsequent Shabboses.

When like this year, Shabbos is the elevation of the week of Yud-Shvat, so this has an incredible elevation on the already incredible elevation of the Yor Tzeit.

The reason we must journey through life, is because this enables the infinite level Beyond us, to become Part of us.

The goal is for Divinity not to be Beyond us, but to Settle – as much as any other part of us – within us.

After the 40th year of the Rebbe being Rebbe, the Divinity, as in the story of the Jews at the desert, manifested Within.

The only way to get to the highest light, which is infinite and no finite being can reach, is through the Infinite guiding you through a 40 year Journey towards it.

Through the annihilation of the ego – Rises the Infinite one.

On Shabbos Shirah, as the song Ana Bikoach, which has 42 words, representing the 42 steps into Infinity.

The true Joy, the joy in God, like the Tzaddikim have, is the opposing to what’s called The Kelipah / Plishtim Joy – which is why when we achieve joy in God’s essence, and unification with us; the land of the Plishtim in the Messianic era, will be given to us.

On Yud Shvat as it is the elevation of the Rebbe, of the generation, Therefore it is the elevation of the entire generation.

A practical directive is that we should pray with a sing-song.

Additionally we must be rejoicing in the fact that Moshiach is about to come.

Additionally we should organize big Farbrengens for Tu B’shvat, and eat fruit connected to the land of Israel.

We should do this with the great joy, as we are about to enter into Israel!


In this week’s Torah portion, there are some general themes, General Miracles, which happened to the Jewish people following The Exodus of Egypt.

1. The miracle of the splitting of the sea.

2. The miracle of the Mann.

3. The miracle of the Slav-birds.

4. The miracle of the well of Miriam.

5. The miracle of the victory over Amalek.

As these Miracles are told in sequence they have an interconnected theme.

These Miracles should not be seen as one time events, for example, the splitting of the sea was a fundamental partition, enabling the giving of the Torah.

This is one of the reasons, we mentioned this on a daily basis.

Miracles demonstrate that the world does not exist independently, but completely dependent on its Creator. A miracle demonstrates, how this world is completely secondary in nature, and dependent continuously on its source.

In Order to achieve the purpose of Az Yashir, namely, that God should be reigned as king forever, which is the consciousness of the Creator in the Creations, one, as a Jew, must first accept God as his Lord, in all aspects of his life.

The story of the Mann teaches us, that every day our sustenance is a direct miracle from God.

In other words, a Jew must know that he is not dependent on nature, even as his soul comes into a body, in the natural world, everything that comes to him is still only an intervention of God.

This is the lesson from the Slav-birds and The Well of Miriam, that even the meat and the water that seem so natural are also only Supernatural gifts from God.

In order for the name of God to reign forever, there must be, as it states, that God has a hatred for and a war against a Amalek in every generation, for only when this evil will be eradicated, will the name of God be established permanently.

In Avodas Hashem, getting rid of Amalek means getting rid of any question or doubt, that God continuously performs miracles.

Idolatry began with the false notion of serving the celestial spheres – as they have influence in our world – not understanding that every single thing that has influence, even an angel above, has no-choice, for it is exactly like a hammer in the hand of a builder.

This is why, Yisroi coming to Moses, and saying that: now he knows that God is the only God, having known all forms of idolatry, astrology and Heavenly influences… for seeing that Miracles and nature can be instantaneously changed, he realized, that every other force is nothing compared to the force of all forces.

This of-course relates to Yud Shvat, the passing of the Previous Rebbe who stood for, primarily the spreading of Judaism and particularly spreading Chassidus as Chassidus is the teachings of the essence of God, essence of Torah, and like oil, when it permeates, it completely soaks in and transforms the individual to a Chassidish Lively Jew.

Furthermore Chassidus, shows that even the natural laws, are actually all miracles, as we know, the Baal Shem Tov teaches, that every moment the entire reality disappears and reappears.

The spreading of Chassidus was further enhanced, as the Previous Rebbe gave direction to translate it into all languages, including the fact that he settled in America and including spreading the seven noahide laws by the Gentiles, to bring God’s name to the whole world.

The Previous Rebbe’s lesson, is: : with great joy and love to spread the teachings of Torah to everyone.

As Moshiach is coming very soon, therefore, the study of Chassidus, is like the preparation of food for Shabbos.

The lesson from TU B’ishvat is that just like a tree can indefinitely produce more fruit, and just like fruit is not a necessity in life, it adds to the pleasure, so too each Jew can infinitely grow and do so amidst great Joy.

A lesson for a Jew today is to recognize that God is continuously doing for us Miracles – if we just stopped for a moment, when you think about the last 24 hours, we’ll see his Hand! and therefore you should never feel subjugated to Nature or the nations of the world, knowing that God – especially as it relates to Jews in Israel, where, “God’s eyes are upon the land in the beginning of the year to the end of the year” – is your constant protector.

The Practical directive is, that while we on one hand have the duty to do everything in a natural way, on the other hand, we have the knowledge, that super naturally, we will be provided with everything we can imagine that is good, by God’s infinite ability.

Therefore a Jew must stand strong in the knowledge, that just as God eradicated Egyptians, he will eradicate the current Amalek, and we should already be singing and dancing over the future Miracles that are about to occur.

Furthermore and this is the main thing, that these Miracles are hastened when we increase in our study of Torah and Performing Mitzvos.

…Including the custom the Jews have, which is to eat on Tu B’shvat, from the fruits that Israel was blessed.

Including the custom to eat carob on Tu B’ishvat.


The idea that a Jew is like the tree of the field represented on Tu B’shvat, is that we must have fruits which are good deeds, and the fruits must have seeds, which means we spread the notion of doing good until others not only have fruits but their seeds likewise.

The reason the festivals are usually on the 15th of the month, because that is the day that the moon’s disk becomes full, which represents the completion of the Jewish people, and as that relates to to Tu B’shvat, because we’re then complete, we therefore begin to grow.

Why would we begin to grow specifically when we become Complete? because true growth is being connected to infinity, and infinity means, that whatever level your on, it’s time to reach an infinitely higher level.

A convert, even though they cannot trace the lineage to one of the 12 tribes and Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, nevertheless, as the Rambam says, they have a Greater Lineage, as they trace themselves directly to God.

We know that there are two Mitzvos relating to loving a convert, one is the Mitzvah of loving a fellow Jew, and the second is that it corresponds to loving God.

One of the ways that we bring about Unity, is by revealing by those who are far, that in essence their souls are part of God.

A person who is doing good, certainly teaching Torah should realize, that it’s actually all built on what’s come before him, and should never have an ego because of it.

The practical directive is, that we have to renew all our efforts, particularly in helping Jews become more Jewish, with the strength of Judaism, but in a very loving and unifying way, and this applies even more so to those that are fortunate to be appointed as Emissaries of the Rebbe – though all people are emissaries of God.

This is especially regarding Our obligation to encourage children, for every child is like a little root that one must have tremendous protection and education, that it should grow into a tree that will give off fruit.

Finally this is particularly pertinent to Jewish women, who have the unique capacity to educate in a very gentle and loving way.

We should teach children about the eating of the fruits on Tu B’shvat and furthermore about the notion that they can always grow.

Through undertaking to always grow, this hastens the coming of the Moshiach, when we will infinitely, certainly.

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