The Rebbe’s talk – Vayishlach 5749 quotes

Though a person has to have humility, at the same time, knowing that he is the agent of God, thus as he represents God…

To come to God, you have to have an ego, but once you’re there…

In truth, humility is not the essence of service, for the very fact that someone needs to be humble, represents that they have an ego.

The ultimate goal is one is so fused with God, that one doesn’t need to be humble, for they represent God.

Such a person, in essence is God.

The conflict between humility and arrogance, is only when a person is serving not from the essential Divine core.

This is similar to how the beginning of Divine service is with Kabbalas Oil.

There are two kinds of Divine service: the first in which one needs to fight with the body, and the second in which the body is part of the fight.

Ultimately, the highest level is when there is not only the revelation of the Divinity within, but that couples with the humble acceptance of Divine responsibility.

The first Mitzvah that a person has from when they become Bar or Bas Mitzvah, is to say the Shema.

The practical directive is, that as we’re coming to Yud Tes Kislev we must increase in the spreading of Chassidus.

Furthermore, this must be done through the essence of the Soul, which when one is conscious that the essence is God one brings to light all of one’s powers.

The main thing is to prepare for the coming of Moshiach.

This preparation should be in all parts of us.

Currently the Rebbe focuses on the falsehood in which a. The reform and conservative and the host of other “alternatives,” disregarding Jewish juris-prudence fool innocent Gentiles b. The acceptance of the Knessent of a non-legal Jewish status.

1. First and foremost God created the world and He created that there should be a Jewish people, and non-Jews and the Jews fulfill their primary Mission through the study and action of Torah, and the Non-jews, through the seven noahide laws.

The very notion of a Jew and non-jew was obviously made by God.

Furthermore, God created a mechanism through which a gentile who wishes to convert according to Jewish law must accept all of Jewish law.

Anyone who portends to convert a gentile subverting the very legal system which created not only the Jew and Gentile but the mechanism of conversion, is simply lying.

2. Furthermore, this is a great Injustice to the Gentile who has been conned.

But considering himself as a Jew he is not fulfilling his mission – being erroneous as to who he is.

When the truth will be revealed he will come with the Justified complaint against those who conned him.

This is not only a physical issue, but as religious ceremonies in Israel are conducted according to Jewish law, – many times when they have come to erroneously marry a Jew, and they were not allowed to, it caused them deep – both psychological and often Financial pain.

In order for the world to be complete, each individual, must complete their world.

To prevent such a falsehood and a disrespect to the Gentiles, we should immediately change the who is a Jew law.


One of the reasons for the law not changing, is because those whose opinion were – consistently in a certain way – nonwithstanding their lack of juris-prudence knowledge – simaler to say a businessman whose accountants show him a fundamental flaw (which could cost millions) but not wanting to change status-quo considering his Superior position, will not listen – obviously juris-prudence in Jewish law must be based on such experts..


Recently, there were Gentiles who tried to place pressure on Israel, not to change the law, threatening to withhold funds and it is absurd that a gentile should be involved in Jewish law.

This law will be rectified, because genuine common-sense, and decency, demands it.

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