The Rebbe’s talk – 5752 quotes Vayishlach

Light and darkness, like Revelation and concealment, is only relative to the perceiver.

God’s essence, makes light perceived, which is an infinite minimisation of infinite light, to be considered, actually as complete darkness.

The ultimate goal is not the perception of spirituality, but through Humility, becoming the manifestation in ever ascending categories, of God.

The Infinite goal is, when we don’t need to go to God, because we are.

In other words, God is completely transparent within us.

As God is infinite, His revelation within us, always – like a moon adding in light.

The revelation of the Tanya and the inner dimension of Torah, is far greater, as it speaks about the coming of Moshiach, “A new Torah will come from me,” which is the inner Dimension, the ultimate dimension of the Torah (though it was hidden Within.)

The difference between the regular Torah and Mitzvos, and the Divine Union, is like the difference between an engagement and a marriage , as it states, that first a Suitor gives minor gifts, but then he gives everything.

As the entire goal is the revelation of God-Himself, therefore, as we have completed all that was necessary to bring this about – the time we are in, is only a time in which this revelation, is manifesting.

We are actually currently in the complete Messianic era.

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