The Rebbe’s talk – Shabbos Parshas Vayeitzei – 5751

Every Jew is a combination of both Body and Soul, which is one with God.

2. The body is compared to Exile, while the soul is compared to Israel.

3. Based on this, is the division of spirituality, between those things that relate to the soul, such as Shabbos, and those things that relate to the body, such as the honest workweek.

4. It is known, that in everything that a Jew does, certainly spiritual, an angel is born.

5. Since every Jew has two types of angels, corresponding to the two types of service, so we have the angels of Israel, and the angels of diaspora.

6. Where the Jew is, he becomes spiritually, the Father of that location.

7. The Jew has to work to his full capacity.

8. Serving God is to work on oneself.

9. Furthermore, serving God means, we are constantly going beyond our current status.

10. The entire goal of serving God, is to go beyond your current state, to a higher, in an infinite Ascension.

11. To grow, number 1. we have to be prepared to change, and secondly we have to be prepared to change every single, even hidden, narcissism.

12. We see this, in the kosher signs that are doubled: in other words, that the hooves are split or the chewing the cud, goes into the stomach and comes back to the mouth to chew more, and similarly, a person who is serving God, is always prepared (to do more.)

13. The whole point of serving God, is to continuously go out of your current, even positive, state.

14. In addition to the work that we must do with ourselves, we must help others.

15. We are living in the time that Edom, compared to a pig, as it says, in the future, will become kosher.

16. The Torah was given to make peace in the world, so God and the world being two separate entities are merged through the Torah.

17. Through the study of Torah, Beyond human capacity, we affect the world, Beyond human capacity.

18. Through such a study of Torah, we refine all the Birurim.

19. The lesson from all of this is, we must increase our study of Torah, Beyond our current, even positive.

20. We must undertake resolutions to spread Torah, especially the inner dimension.

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