Shabbos Parshas Toildois – the Rebbe’s talk – 5751

1 This week’s Torah portion we find the first Shlichus / mission that one Jew gives another, namely, that Isaac tells Jacob to go establish a family.

2. The lesson from this is, that a person must leave Hearth and Home, even a location of Holiness, to establish a Jewish Family, and to settle and to spread the the name of God.

3. In a more general sense, this refers to as the Kabbalists teach us, the Soul’s Journey from above, to establish a home for God below.

4. Shlichus / A messenger from God entails two elements: 1. That one knows that one is only a messenger 2. that one uses one’s own intellect to implement.

5. One must be cognizant that one’s soul comes from the essence of God, and from that pristine unified State, comes into the world – a world of division – in order to harmonize through Divine Consciousness everyone.

6. Furthermore, not only does this represent the mission and the ability of the Shliach / the messenger, but it also particularly, because it is so dark and one needs the power of God to succeed, hence represents the power of God.

7. Jacob descending into Charan, dealing with the crook Lavan, establishing a Family, shows how each of us must deal with the world, and ñonwithstanding it’s visitudes, must be a good moral person.

8. After Jacob’s Journey dealing with the crook Lavan and then working with his brother Eisav, which we have already succeeded in bringing an higher Consciousness to humanity, we then enter the infinite Divine Consciousness.

9. As is known, that every descent is for an Ascent, hence it is obvious that this exile, paralleling the Exodus in Egypt, is for an infinite reward.

10 In our Generation, the Rebbe made each one of us a messenger to spread Judaism and Chassidus and hence empowered us to do so.

11. Even though a Jew may be comfortable in a foreign land, as his Essence comes from being a Prince at his father’s table, until we are in Jerusalem with the Holy-Temple, we do not have a full comfort.

12 Part of the reason for the current expansion of Shlichus is As the darkness of Exile increases, so it is necessary the light.

13. In fact, the further and deeper into the darkness one must descend, is the higher, the more powerful is the light, and empowerment.

14. This is similar to the Alter Rebbe who had to descend into prison, nonetheless, the Ascent was an infinite expansion of Chassidus.

15. As we get closer to the coming of Moshiach, a far greater revelation of Divine wisdom in Chassidus was granted.

16. Chabad is the source of all…

17. Through learning Chassidus, One turns a miserable life, to a joyous one.

18. The Yetzer Hara cools our passion for spirituality, by making us believe, whenever we heard something, that it’s old news.

19. Shlichus means giving every fiber of your mind, heart and desire to the Rebbe and Hashem, to the extent that you become them.

20. All Shluchim, those who are great, and those who, for whatever reason are still working on so becoming – at the Kinus, must unite as one.

21. Each Shliach must help their fellow Shliach.

22. Today there is a flood of spirituality which we must use for the good.

23. The Kinus empowers all Jews to be their God-given Shlichus.

24. May the Kinus be, as it speaks, that a gathering of the righteous is good for them and good for the world, especially in the undertaking to do additional activities.

25 This includes each Shliach appointing another and then this chain of Shluchim is infinite.

26. Also to mention, in order that this convention remain eternal, we have suggested to print a book with pictures of the Shluchim, with their families, words of Torah, and resolutions.

27 In addition, printing a book should include all participants of the convention and their families, as this will encourage the children to follow in the footsteps of their fathers

28 This book should be distributed as soon as possible, ideally by Yud Tes Kislev.

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