The Rebbe’s talk – Sunday Parshas Toildois – to the Kinus

1. Whenever Jews gather, this is beneficial, specifically, the greater the numbers.

2. How much more so does this apply when they gather after prayers.

3. How much more so when this is with Torah And Mitzvos, and as representatives of the whole.

4. Whenever many Jews gather, particularly representing others, this engenders Divine assistance.

5. Is is for this reason, I wish to participate.

6. The general mission of each individual is to reveal God in the world through doing Torah and Mitzvos and using all matters of the world for spiritual causes.

7. As it is practically impossible for a single individual to affect everyone and everything, therefore this mission is distributed.

8. Each individual a Shliach touches, will touch their friends, in an endless cycle of light.

9. The job of a Shliach is to inspire the Jews of his area to likewise.

10. In order to create a universal touch, we obviously need to touch the Gentiles.

11. The goal of God is that every individual should in their own mind perceive the truth.

12. Apart from our mission with fellow Jews, we likewise have a mission to inspire the entire Gentile world.

13. The point of the seven laws is that we should have a harmonious world.

14. Only a settled world is a World fitting for Jews to make it God’s home.

15. Based on the above, it is obvious that there must be large expanses of land in which the Gentiles are able to settle and create civilization.

16. In addition to the above, the job of every Shliach is to reveal how every single entity and certainly person is created with a Divine purpose.

17. Each Shliach is a representive not only to their Jewish Community but also their Gentile.

18. By Revealing the quintessential truth that everything is a messenger of God, we create Global Unity.

19. The job of a space is to reveal in time, space and soul, how everything is God’s messenger.

Space: a Jew reveals in each aspect of creation its individual purpose and Mission.

Soul: In addition to Revealing in everyone that they have a mission, we use all 10 soul powers, such as one’s mind and emotions for the mission.

Time: A Jew reveals how each part in time, as will be explained, is for God.

20. The idea of a messenger from God, is that each and everything has a specific part and plan.

21. The Torah as well as our Mission, as is well known, has both a general and specifics.

22. Generally speaking, each soul is sent to fulfill God’s Will, and then there are the specifics of Torah and the Mitzvos, as it relates to each individual.

23. In general, this Mission subdivides itself into a. Doing good, b. not doing evil.

24. This then subdivides itself based on the stages of one’s life such as childhood, teenager, adult.

25. This further subdivides itself into the times of the year.

26. In addition, every year has its specific mission

27. Furthermore every month, has its specific mission.

29 Furthermore every week has a specific mission.

30. Even more specifically everyday has its mission.

31 Going deeper, every hour has its mission.

32 To the extent that every moment has its mission.

33 God judges us whether we used each moment for its purpose.

34 In order to fulfill our mission we must firstly engage in the general mission.

25. We secondly must fulfill the mission as it relates to time periods such as years, in years and months, in a day, as well as each specific location and individual with its unique characteristics.

26. These two elements are not contradictions, they complement each other, for in order to fulfill the general, one must passionately fulfill the details.

27. In conjunction with fulfilling each and every moment, one must be cognisant that each, leads to the next, to the next month, year and one’s entire life.

28. Furthermore, a person should always be striving to go higher and higher.

29. Every extra day or even moment is a proof that there is more and higher to achieve.

30. In fact, through going higher we elevate the past.

31 We also have the lesson of our Sages, that the past can be rectified by the present.

32 By rededicating ourselves to the current mission, the repentance rectifies the past.

33 Because the past, present and future, are all part of the same Mission, therefore they can retroactively through Teshuvah be effected.

34. May it be God’s will that everyone will take to heart these words.

35. May these words, though important become effectuated with joy.

36. Bearing in mind that we live eternally, as Moshiach is coming soon, hence knowing that what you do this moment, effects eternity is a powerful motive.

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