The Rebbe’s talk – Chayei Sarah – 5747

1. Shabbos is both a Mashpia / giver and Mikabel / receiver.

2. It is a giver in the sense that it blesses all the days ahead of it.

3. It is a receiver in the sense that it is blessed by the days that preceded it.

4. Now as everything is from above, therefore, a date that contains a mutual effect, has a synthesis of both.

5. The light of the Chanukah candles, represents the infinite light of God.

6. The eight lights of Chanukah, as we know, eight is the number of redemption, symbolizes, that in the time of redemption, Infinity, which is that which can descend into our reality, and continuously uplift it, will permanently be here.

7. This was manifested through our study of Torah, particularly Chassidus, for as we know, future Revelations, depend on a current similar Avodah.

8. The way to bring a Jew closer to Judaism, is never through condemnation, and always through love and explanation.

9. The goal of the Talmmidim of Tomchei Temmimim is to bring Moshiach.

10. The idea of the Beis Hamikdosh is that even the physical items become spiritual.

11. Because everything is designed by God, your mission in life is defined By The Mitzvahs, Necessities, Obligations, Duties, Opportunities for GOODNESS in front of you.

12. We see this empirically, how even though none-of-us are complete, yet the previous Rebbe sent Messengers all over the world to do the good that must be done.

13. The purpose of Shlichus is not only to affect the Jews in your area, and imbuing them with Torah and Mitzvos, but also the Gentiles.

14. May the Kinus of the Shluchim Inspire each to continue to inspire.

15. This is especially so seeing that God has imbued each with extraordinary potential.

16. As they have complete Divine potential, the only thing that remains is for them to actualize it.

17. As they add in these activities they bring Moshiach closer.

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