The Rebbe’s talk – Chayei Sara – 22cnd Marcheshvan 5748

Chassidus teaches, on the verse, “the days of the life of Sarah was one hundred years, twenty years, and seven years” – this refers to completing the Divine service of taanug and ratzon (delight and will) moichin (intellect) and middois (emotions – in other words, that they should all be used properly.)

2. This forms a fundamental teaching, that at all times, our service of God, must permeate these faculties.

3. This must be our modus operandi – for example, when we wake up in the morning and say modeh Ani, we do so with infinite passion.

4. One of the ways we can induce passion is by acknowledging that just as if you were literally standing in the prescence of the most glorious King who ruled the entire universe, you are in the presence of the King, who, created you, everything, everyone, past, present, and future.

5. We carry this passion throughout the day and in this way, each day becomes a full, complete and meaningful day.

6. The symbiotic relationship between Abraham and Sarah, is, Abraham being a spiritual person was beyond this world, while Sarah having the feminine quality of groundedness was able to manifest Abraham’s ideals.

7. Though the primary service of God rests upon men, nonetheless, the completion of this service is by women.

8. We know, that somebody impacted the world… when like Sarah, after their passing, they are still impacting the world.

9. To begin with, we see, the conquering of Israel for Abraham’s descendants began, when Abraham bought the cave of Machpeilah.

10. The most concrete thing Sarah affected all of reality is obviously through the birth of Isaac which perpetuated the entire Jewish people.

11. Just as the birth of Isaac perpetuated the Jewish people, so too as the Previous Rebbe said, each of us must have Spiritual offsprings.

12. The extent of this Mission must be, that one will go to anywhere in the world, to find another Jew, to make him into a Jew, and that he in turn should have a ripple effect, should “convert” the world.

13. When we do all of the above in the proper way, we are certain that not only do we succeed, but the Gentiles will become our assistance, in this effort.

14. Whenever the conversation regarding Israel’s claim to the land arises, we must indicate clearly and forcefully that our claim is that God the Creator of the world that created all lands, gave us, as it states clearly in the Bible, Believed by billions, this land.

15. We want to commend some Jews who spoke positively in this regard, and mentioned that it’s unfortunate, that there are some Jews, who have an inferiority complex, and don’t have the pride to say clearly that this land was bestowed upon us, by God, and the way to help these Jews, is to connect them to God.

16. It’s beyond a shadow of a doubt, that when we say this forcefully and passionately, we, going with the power of Torah have the infinite ability to succeed.

17. We should bring together all the disparate entities of self and certainly bring together all Jews to unify as one.

18. Certainly when we do things with joy as we are commanded we are infinitely more successful.

19. Being a great gathering for the good we must make an effort to do everything practically and when we take these resolutions we will succeed.

20 Through adding in all these activities, we speed up, hasten, the Speedy arrival of Moshiach.

21. When Moshiach comes, everything will be in a complete manner, the Jewish people will be complete through the concept of Shlichus, which is each person lights up the other – Torah and Mitzvos will be complete, through us permeating them with all our abilities -and Israel will be the complete, through the completion of Israel, which will expand, based on the borders intended by God.

22. This is especially, in regards to being joyous, because Joy has the ability to break through limitations, particular the limitation of Exile.

23. Moshiach will be the marriage of God and the Jews, as it states, there will be a circle and all the Tzaddikim will dance around, and we will all point to the middle stating, “There is God!”

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