The Rebbe’s talk – Chayei Sara 5751

1. Man’s abilities are generally divided into three: 1. Emotions 2. Intellect 3. Beyond intellect, is both desire and pleasure.

2. It is through these (mainly positive emotions) that we affect the world.

3. The manifestation of Divinity mainly came about through the “mothers.”

4. The beginning of this manifestation begins with Sarah.

5. At the end of Sarah’s life comes the culmination of her drawing Godliness into this world, as we see, a. Abraham buys his first portion in Israel (the Cave of Machpelah) and b. the Parshah continues about Yishmoel who was only born because of Sarah, and eventually repents.

6. The goal is to use the essence of the Soul, which is pure Divinity, pure goodness, as the source of our thoughts, speech and action.

7. The point of saying blessings, as we know in Judaism you say many, is, in order to remember God’s kindness, and therefore love him.

8. This is also the point of our three daily prayers.

9. Through a blessing, we bring the Divinity of God into ourselves, into those who hear and say Amen, and into the world around us!

10. The idea of the hundred Brochois to be said every day, applies to even children whom we teach to become accustomed to saying blessings, and most importantly, that it should not only be a habit; but knowing the purpose of the blessings, namely, remembering and loving God, this should be a passion.

11. By saying the hundred blessings every day, we guarantee ourselves a life filled with blessings.

12. When we gather around a child’s cradle, and we thank God for the child, the child has already begun his mission of blessings.

13. The Torah portion teaches through the commentaries. Isaac and Abraham looks so similar, that people could not tell the difference; and this is a lesson that the way we educate our children, must be, that the only way you can see the difference between the child of a Chossid and pious Jew, and the father, is only the fact that one has and one doesn’t have a beard.

14. This occurs when at the outset, the child knows, that the entire purpose of life, is to remember, love and serve God.

15. In addition, having additional children, speeds up the Redemption, as is known.


16. This chof cheshvan is the birthday of the founder of Tomchei Temmimim, a unique Yeshivah which was established in the Rebbe Rashab’s words, in order to create Scholars who have a love and awe of God, mainly based on knowledge of God, which comes from the study of Chassidus.

17. Furthermore, this passion should exist even by young children.

18. The passion to do the will of God, should be the primary desire, from birth to death, of every Jew!

19. As the Previous Rebbe told us, Moshiach is ready to come, in particular as we see a prophecy from Yalkut Shimoini that the year Moshiach will arrive, a Persian King will harass an Arab King, as we see the confusion by the Arabs; when the whole world will be confused, not knowing what to do, Moshiach gets up and says “Humble ones, worry not; for the time of your Redemption is here” and soon with clouds from heaven, we will be transported to the holy Beis Hamikdosh.

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