Quotes from the Rebbe on this week’s Torah portion

Veschanan 5749


Revealed/Concealed goodness


As is obvious, God is only good, but there are those things, on the level of thought (so He knows it’s good) and those things on the level of emotion (and emotions “express” – so, so do we.)




The purpose of intellect is in the creation, subjugation, direction – emotions.




It is known that today – especially in the final days of Galus – the main Avodah (Divine service) is in the refinement of our emotions (in other words, proper loves (as opposed to lusts etc.)




G-d obviously knows (He made) the tremendous challenges to fulfilling his will – especially today – hence every time we do good, this fills him, with the greatest delight (like seeing your child succeed at a very difficult task.)




The Parshah (Torah reading) of Shemah (the most important prayer) includes the most important Mitzvah, namely obedience (to G-d) – it also has the Mitzvah to Love G-d, which is the source of all Mitzvahs, which includes the Mitzvah to fear God, which is the source of the 365 Prohibitions – furthermore, it teaches us to “love God with all your heart,” which our sages interpret to mean with both your Yetzer Tov and Yetzer Hara (that the Yetzer Hara should transform to love God completely) – furthermore, “with all your soul” –  which means, every detail of your life, and “all your strength,” which means “all your money” – in other words, your love of God permeates every aspect – even your money and your physical existence – and “you should write it on the doorposts of your home and your gateways” – in other words, you, through the Mitzvah of Mezuzah, affect the outside world, to the extent, you must spread the love of God to the entire world.




Most of the laws of the Torah are there in order to improve our emotions.




Everything that exists – especially you – is only here, as the true existence is continually causing all existence.




G-d’s reward for the finite good we do – infinite!




Each and every Jew completely inherits the beautiful qualities of belief, compassion etc. of their three forefathers.



In fact, every Jew is considered as G-d’s only child (inheriting Divinity.)




The era of Moshiach is characterized as the revelation of God, which practically means, infinite, continued increasing Divine bestowals.




God’s messianic consolation, is the greatest consolation, namely, the consolation that emanates directly from G-d.




When teaching a beginner – including children – right way begin at the top – as we see the nature of children, they are filled with passion.




Even when one spiritually achieves, one must continuously advance – just as it comes to physical matters (aka money etc.) a person who receives a hundred dollars, now wants two hundred; and from two hundred, four etc. (though in physical matters, one should strive to be satisfied and not greedy) nonetheless in spiritual matters, feeling satisfied is never good.




We must passionately announce to all that G-d created a Yetzer Hara (a demon that entices man to do stupid useless things) and only through the study of Torah (as our sages state “When this lowlife comes to you, drag him into the study of Torah”) can you save your sanity/soul!

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