Quotes from the Rebbe – Shabbos Parshas Chukas 10 Tammuz

Today as all days in the year is a combination of two numbers, the weekday and the month date.

Today is the seventh day of the week and the tenth day of the month.

The days of the week represent the perfection of God, however the days of the month ( which is established through the Jewish people) represent the Addition, that we perfect; to the completely new heaven and earth in the messianic age.

There are three dimensions, the natural order, the supernatural order, and how they merge.

The Mitzvah of Parah Aduma includes the whole Torah as its ashes had to be mixed in water – now fire symbolizes the Jews desire to elevate, while water symbolizes our need to quench this desire to fulfill our Divine earthly mandate to spread the light.
The ultimate is not when these two elements are separate, rather as I seek to ascend, I am conscious that the purpose is to take whatever  will receive to spread it; and as I am spreading light, I simultaneously seek to go higher.

There are two mechanism in the service of God – those things that are standard such as prayer, Mitzvos etc. and those things which inherently being unlimited we must continuously increase – for example charity etc.

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