The Proper Care and treatment of children




Why is the most important job in the world given to those with least experience


The answer is it depends


Certainly in the olden days where women were always taking care, hence girls naturally learned how to be mothers


Today men and women often need to know what to do


There are two critical components when it comes to childrearing, the first is the physical and the second the emotional / spiritual.


Generally speaking you can only give what you have


So to begin:


A child obviously needs the feeling that his world is safe


As the parents represent his world and the child can discern if the parent themselves feel safe (hence “am I?…” ) therefore the parent needs to put on a brave front (which is quite obvious, and how all decent parents act)


It is obvious that it is a fortune of physical work which women are biologically and mentally (their brains have much more logical and detail capacity) to do


However all help is greatly appreciated


Never before perhaps in human history has been more important for parents to set boundaries – for society coming formally from a religious bend, veering toward freedom and currently in some kind of apocalyptic anarchy, has none


There are three components to this


  1. You must throw out all media, as it is pornographide – things that no decent human being would remotely consider are mainstream
  2. To the extent possible, your child should either be home schooled or go to a strict religious school
  3. Obviously if you are a bad example – if you are allow yourself to be swallowed by the media then eventually your child will
  4. Today every home must be an oasis

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