Everything boils down to a fundamental truth, we are – as all of human history and unfortunately some of the present apply shows, are composites – we have, as the greatest soul navigator ever, Rabbi Shneur Zalman, the author of the Bible of Jewish mysticism, the Tanya writes, three divergent souls hence desires – we have the soul of God, which like God is compassionate, kind, intelligent etc. We have the animal soul which like any animal, though perhaps possessing a bit of compassion, is driven by what will feel good and the corollary, to stay away from what is painful; Finally in direct opposition to our intelligent and compassionate mind, we have a crazy demon called ego, and as all crazy people, the fact that their desires are irrational, makes no difference – Fundamental truth number two, to the extent we give our mind, coupled with our self-discipline to the will of the Creator, as expressed both in the Bible and through personal Divine direction (which we achieve through consulting a rabbi who can apply the principles to our lives, or asking God directly and the first thought subsequently is his reply) is the extent that our Divine soul, not crazy or selfish ego or animal rules

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