Quotes from the Rebbe – Shelach 5736

Every Jew must do a deep introspection to determine if his emotions are solely dedicated to God.

Though this is a high level, at the very least what we all have the ability to do is determine if our thoughts speech and action is.

Now just as clothing add to the wearers beauty, similarly though the soul is so high it descends into a body which consists mainly of thoughts speach and actions, for as these are called soul-garments as we can take them off and put them on ( for though the mind is always thinking we can still choose what to) and when our thoughts are good/ holy this elevates the soul ( conversely if our thoughts are low or debased and certainly speach or action, then we denigrate even the animal soul.)

This is the whole purpose of life to elevate through choosing positive thoughts speach and actions.

When we do this we unlock not only our goodness but our ability to then transform even our desires.

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