Quotes from the Rebbe Parshas Behar 5749

There is no such thing as a lost soul – no matter how dark one has fallen, one can always rise.

Notwithstanding how good one is, we can always become ever better.

Furthermore a person who is good must recognize that as the definition of good is infinite ( for there are infinite  levels) we must constantly be prepared.

We see this paradigm in the structure of the Beis Hamikdosh which was on a (small mountain)  hence one needed to go up to it – then there was a platform, and to go into the building there were 12 steps, then it was level; and to get to the next level there were 15, then it was level, and to get to the next level was 12 steps. This represents that in the infinite journey of holiness there are infinite levels – and one must feel that the level I am currently on is lacking.

This in fact is destiny.

The goal of growth is not that we incrementally ( in the same playing field) advance, but continuous radical transformation.

This culminates in the union between the infinite God and man’s soul, which we access by simulating our Mesiras Nefesh, desire for Divine unity-  hence a twofold dimension is unveiled, firstly no matter the darkness we can always add light, and no matter the light  we can always infinitely increase.

Every Jew who is connected to God and receives Divine communication becomes the level of the Cohen Gadol in the Holy of Holies.

The lesson of the above in the time of the Omer is, we must increase in our love.

In fact these are the two dimensions: to namely a. increase love and b. to always super-increase.

We need to create a habit ( perpetual practice) of respect – each person must undertake to be an ambassador of love and respect and in turn cause that those they influence should likewise be.

We must create Farbrengens – gatherings in which to  discuss this.

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