Quotes from the Rebbe Shabbos Parshas Bichukoisai 5749

Whenever we finish something positive we must do another positive, in fact we must do double or triple.

The entire Torah can be encapsulated in each detail and every detail adds a unique dimension.

The book of Vayikra is unique in that it is mainly laws in contrast to the other four books ( mainly stories.)

Everything in the Divine realm – the end – certainly a book in Torah -is the summary. 

The summary of the entire Torah is ” before the eyes of all Jews.” for the Jewish people are the reason the Torah was given.

The end of the book of Vayikra is “These are the commandments that God commanded Moses to teach the Jewish people on Mount Sinai.” Hence in keeping with the theme of the book, it is about commandments.

The goal with learning Torah is that it must be done with all of ones heart and soul to the point where the person becomes the Torah.

It is the job of every Jew to add novel insights in Torah – seemingly how does one add to the perfect Torah? – however firstly most Torah laws themselves come from Rabbinical insights – for there is a hidden source ( which obviously wrote the Torah) now when a Jew applies himself he draws from the infinite well.

A Jew must access the infinite well-  when one does, not only do they continuously add in Torah, and in infinite self-growth but as they are connected to the source, it gives them all physical blessings 

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