Quotes from the Rebbe – Parshas Emor (5750)

It is a obligation for the elders to teach youngsters.

2. Parshas Emor is always read during Sefirah – why does Parshas Emor teach us about education?

When the Jews left Egypt they were born – however like a child on thier jouney to adulthood – receiving the Torah – they had to a. Self improve (hence the Sefirah) and b. Equally if not more important, they had to desire the growth ( all of this shows us the stages of birth, education and growth.)
3. Now growth is not a level that one achieves/masters, for each and everyone of us is unique, but as God hence the Torah/life lessons are infinite, we all enter, infinite growth.

4.  Now the ultimate intent of the giving of the Torah begins on Lag B’omer, the giving of the inner Torah.

5. Now the goal is not just education (prevention) rather the ability to have the child acquire all positive traits.

6. Now the task of educating is not merely a kindness, rather it is the natural expression of one whose identity is full ( as the Rambam teaches on the Mitzvah to love God -that this means to teach, as Abraham, everyone; for it is human nature to share what we love.)

In addition, as God Himself comes to assist, therefore the teacher is assisted.


This extension of self is not only from elders to youngsters, rather from the ultimate elder/God, to every youngster / us – namely, that God seeks out of love every possible benefit both physical and spiritual, and both simultaneously.

11 The practical lesson:
We need to ensure that we educate all youngsters both those in years and ideas, not only with the Torah but also with Chassidus. 

And we should ensure that we encourage  them to come to Lag B’omer.

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