Quotes from the Rebbe – Parshas Korach

The names of every Parshah, seeing as they are assigned by the Jewish people are actually Torah (in other words, have spiritual significance.)

The following is a summary of four of the Rebbe’s relevant talks:

This week is the 3rd of Taamuz coalescing (three /) two miraculous events.

The first was that Joshua had the entire cosmic revolutions, beginning with the sun (solar system) halt; so Jews could have sunlight to end a war.

The second is the previous Rebbe was told that he was released from Soviet prison – though their initial desire was to murder him.

Yet both these miracles are very weird… for the former would have been better had God simply annihliated the enemies; while the latter, though leading to his ability to leave Russia, eventually bringing Judiasm to America, left intact an evil Russian regime.

The question is as famous as time itself, why did a good God allow true evil? –
In fact, if God can take the Jews out of Egypt why did he not protect them from all enemies – and closer to home, what was God’s motive in moving the Chabad Lubavitch movement from its holy European city of Lubavitch, to Brooklyn, New York?!

These questions in fact are answered by answering the first question:

God’s motive to create you and everyone too… is not for us, like babies in highchairs, to receive the hard work and TLC of our parents; rather for us through our own hard work, effort and achievement, create the world that is both his and our, utopia!

For this to happen, the most fundamental of human aspirations, namely: I act, choosing to do good interdependently not due to fear of a punishment or desirous a reward; .

Now we understand that God is only here, like a parent, to give us a headstart…. but not too push the pram/stroller.

This applies not only to the Jewish but also Gentile nations – for each human created in the Divine image, must take full responsibility to make his and the world’s life, an ever better place.

This also perhaps explains the Rebbe’s “passing” or better said ascension, on this day – for the Rebbe emphatically stated, that the responsibility to perfect the world, was / is up to us!

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