Are religious Jews, especially Chassidim quaint?


You know, the Amish are quaint; quaint, naïve, gentle souls; certainly foolish, not to engage in the great benefits of iphones or internet!


I think, many have this notion about religious Jews, especially Chassidism, you know they’re a lot like the Amish.


But the truth is, that religious Jews, especially Chassidim, are not quaint, they are right – ironically it can be, that many who grow up within these societies actually see their own communities as quaint, not realizing the truth.


The fact is this, the latest technological wizardry is meaningless, as all those who play with it for more than a day or two know – imagine what the car must have felt like, when it first came out – people must have thought they were on top of the world!


It’s really just a better horse – and all our technology, cannot tell us, where to go, only how to get there quicker!


So life in the end doesn’t boil down to technology, which really is all that science has offered us – for as Einstein teaches, science has nothing to say about morality and life – only can help make our lives easier – hence knowing WHERE TO GO! still remains not a quaint idea, rather the very raison d’être of life itself!!!

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