The path of light



Letters, what are they?


Take a simple combination of letters “I love you!”


These letters can bring joy.




Take another combination “I hate you!”


These letters cause deep emotional wounding!




You see, today I learnt something of epic proportions from the fifth Chabad Rebbe, Rebbe Rashab, n”e.


He writes in his famous book Kuntres Umayon:


Letters are revelatory tools!


In other words, when I say “you are lovable” what I do is I reveal your lovability, and hence you feel good.


If God-forbid I say “I hate you” I reveal that part of you which is despicable, and hence the emotional wounding.

Our speech goes into the supernal stratosphere and actually becomes the clouds that give birth to new realities, for speech are no different to electric switches.


Just as when you turn on the light you create a connection of energy that reveals light, through loving speech you create loving realities!

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