The nature of tumaah and taharah

One of the very interesting laws we have are the perplexing laws of tumaah and taharah, very loosely translated as purity and impurity.


Certain things make you taameih, while other make you tahor.


Behind this highly “secretive” spiritual mechanism lies a highly simple idea which I always believed in, but confirmed to myself (so stand to be corrected if anyone wishes to) today.


In life there is joy and sadness!


Joy is the natural state of the human being – born into love and security, what is there not to be happy about! – but then we have sadness, we don’t get our way, or God-forbid, something precious to us gets lost, and then we get sadness.


Most of us have unrealistic expectations of life, as the Talmud teaches, until the coming of the messiah, there will be no unfettered joy without a tinge of sadness, nor will there ever be unfettered sadness without a tinge of some redeeming joy.


But people are emotionally sentential beings (not very intelligence, for we usually don’t exercise our intelligence, rather our emotions are the intelligence; for we are only thinking of our feelings and not intellectually creating them, but that’s for another subject) the bottom line is, hence we often, very often, get sad!


So we find that all issues of tumaah, relate to death, to loss, to sadness!


God teaches us, sadness is not the end of your life! if you get sad it is a passing phase, for there are mechanisms in which you can be joyful once again – by reconnecting to your prime-state, by going back to your belief in God’s love and protection for you – commonly, through dipping in a body of rain or spring water called “Living Waters” like the embryo emerging from the womb, secure that just as it has been fed and protected for so long, so to will continue to be – in this re-reminding oneself of one’s true state of love and security, joy once again dominates and wins the day!!!

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