Once we understand this we understand everything


We all have an erroneous perception of God, for the simple reason that it is impossible for finite man to truly grasp true infinity.


Even if we were God we would still be a limited man; even if you had unlimited powers you would still be limited, for you can only think of one thing at a time.


Computers, the Rebbe teaches us, help us understand God (in fact this is one of the reasons God created computers – or revealed them in our generation – for the Kabbalah teaches that from the year 1840 God will open the floodgates of the wisdom of above and below which will converge in anticipation of the messianic era and the Rebbe explains that the wisdom of below is the technology unleashed, giving us incredible paradigms to understand God.)


So the computer can think of millions if not hundreds off billions of things at the same time, the proof is one computer can be networked to a million and it can be doing the math for all of the individual users, for every time you type into a computer, it is all mathematical codes that react.


Now we understand why even an infinite man can’t be an infinite God, for our very definition of infinity is based on unlimited power, when in fact infinity is unlimited ability to think with unlimited power.


So if this is the case, as our sages teach us, the key desire of God is obviously not for us to become spiritual, for then something limited has merely increased his capacity, rather for his infinity to merge into our finite realm.


Now how can this be done?


Very very simply.


Ours sages teach us – just as God has infinite power, so to does he have the ability to limit himself.


In other words, much like a computer, if it could only do high equations, but not small ones it couldn’t function; at least as a useful tool for us, similarly, God’s ability  to be into the minute is as easy as he is into the grand.


Hence as the Kabbalists teach us everything God does, is a three stage revolving mechanism.


Plan, action, result.


In other words, when God gave the Jewish people the Torah that is not the end of the story, rather the beginning of the story.


For it was not his end game, rather his one stage in an eternal plan of revelation.


Hence, it is precisely in our generation, that Chassidus, more Divine wisdom, has been revealed through our Rebbes called mammorim.


When Moshiach comes, it states a “new” Torah will issue forth from me, meaning even deeper secrets of Chassidus.

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