This week is Parshas Eikev


The Rebbe teaches, in the most amazing, highest but most understandable talks of the last years of his talks – a beautiful teaching that has practical relevance, on this week’s Parshah.

“In the end you will listen to my commandments – and God promises rewards.”

The word end also means heal.

On one hand we are like the lowest generation, on the other hand, we are at the end of exile!

This Shabbos we bless and welcome in the new month of Elul starting next week.

So the Rebbe teaches us that there  r  three basic things one must contemplate, relating to the previous years Avodah (man’s service / mission in life to God)

A. God wants it to be our service (so I am paraphrasing now) the key thing is to think, not how much did I accomplish? but how much effort did I put into accomplishing my mission / service in life?!

B. As God is infinite, he can guide man, hence the next question is, to what extent (again paraphrasing) did I allow God (e.g. through a Mashpia etc.) to Guide my direction?

C. As God is truly infinite, he and you can unite.

To what extent has God worked through me?!

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