What is Moshiach



In order to understand what Moshiach is, we need to understand that everything that exists, there is both an inner and outer dimension.


For example, if you were to say a woman is a body that is different to a mans, you certainly would be referring to the outer dimension of a woman.


On the other hand, you wouldn’t be referring to a woman at all, for it his her soul, emotions, views, that make up who she is.


Similarly, if you say a Jew is a person who keeps Torah and Mitzvos, you would certainly be referring to the body of a Jew – i.e. behavior, but you wouldn’t know why he does this, what is his soul like? What are his feelings like?


In other words, we live in a very physical material world, where the primacy of sight usually predominates our perception of things.


Of course, as we have so perfectly (joke) demonstrated, the true thing is not what it looks like, that is the shape of the thing, it is the soul, the meaning, the drive of the things, that comprises who it is.


Similarly with Moshiach –there are two messianic states – the physical one, which we have begun, and the spiritual one, which we have begun.


These two states are very very different, as different as the examples mentioned before, differentiating between the outer and inner person.


The outer Messianic state has well-been-trodden i.e. many people understand the basics: All Jews will return to Israel. A new (third) holy Temple, will be rebuilt – a Messiah will teach the world a “new” (deeper dimension of the ) Torah – there will be peace in the world, for all nations will unite under the messiah’s leadership and moral guidance.


This is the Messiah Jews have been waiting for; for thousands of years; yet there is an inner Messiah, a deeper meaning – layer – behind the outer Messiah, which as the soul is greater than the body, so to, this Messiah is greater than “his body.”


The true essence of the Messianic revelation is a new world order.


A new reality!


This reality has also begun!


It is a reality, as our sages teach, that up to the coming of the Messiah was the engagement of the Jewish people with God, but in the Messianic era, it is the marriage!


What is the difference between an engagement and marriage?


Engagement is two people who love each other – they desire to unite, but are not yet united!


The marriage is two people who lose their separate identities and literally merge into a single identity.


This is the essence of the messiah.

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