The Science Of Souls / You



Kabbalah teaches us how to map our souls.


Today I was giving a lecture and someone asked me “What is a soul?”


So another smart-alec piped up, “what, you want the Rabbi to draw it for you?”


Well, yes, that is what I plan on doing.


The beauty of Kabbalah is that unlike all faiths that, well, need to be taken on faith, you are your soul and you will see yourself in this map.


Now imagine having a map of a jungle – well certainly a good idea, particularly if you want to not succumb to it.


Similarly, only through having a map of our soul can we be in charge of the jungle of emotions, thoughts, feelings, aspirations, we are all subjected to.


As I said to the questioner today, I have good news and bad; the good news is that you have a soul, the bad news is you have three of them.


Three of them?


Yes, three of them!


That’s why you, as all people always feel tremendous conflict between different desires.


Soul number one is called the animal soul, it basically seeks instincts (natural) pleasure, and is afraid of instincts (natural) pains.


Think of a few natural pleasure and fears that you have.


Next is uniquely the human rational mind – unlike animals – some with incredible minds – but limited to only thinking about what they instinctively want, so a dolphin can perform smart tricks – you have to give him a fish though, for he cannot exercise his mind independent of his instincts.


His mind is solely a tool used by his instincts.


On the other hand, within us is also a spark of the Divine, that in fact creates these other souls.


The Divine is not about wisdom though he is wise, the Divine is not about creation though he creates, the Divine is about goodness, kindness, selflessness, sensitivity.

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