In reply to a query on the blog that all is in the primordial thought of God

Like the code which manifests reality on our screen so to there is a code – in fact all created in the primordial thought of God to create the future – which is the precursor of all that manifests in reality




Basically Kabbalah speaks of three basic stages (which have many many many more in them) of creation.


The first is God prior to creation


The second is God’s desire to create for the purpose … well its not the point of this article


And the third is what is called seder hishtalshulus the chain of creation


God is singular with no additions etc.


Then God had a desire to create the world we know including of course the purpose of creation, the messianic age


Now if you were going to build a universe, heck even a city, heck even a house, you need to plan out what you are going to do


Remember, we usually think in particles, not waves, so we think say about the final production, but God of course needs not only think about what the universe will look like, as the universe is mainly an ever changing time fluctuating universe which continually reforms, reshapes etc. etc. you would need to imagine, every single quantum state, every turn of every electron and on an easier scale for us to understand the mechanisms of earth revolving around the sun (or the other way) the mechanisms of the moon revolving around earth all of which creates the seasons that everything depends on.


So the Kabbalists teach us that in the primordial thought of creation, called machshavah hakedumah daak, every blade of grass and every which way it would sway, how much more so every cell in your body and every step you will experience, was all considered, planned and we are merely part of the execution.

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