From bad to good


One of the most fascinating mistakes all religions make even possibly Jews, but not Kabbalah/Chassidus, is the notion of black and white!


Good and bad!


From bad to good, or from neutral to good, is actually the goal of this world!


The simple notion of spiritual people, religions, is, that spirituality is good, hence physicality, particularly pleasure, is bad!


Kabbalah insists, that this world is not an exit towards spirituality, rather spirituality is an entrance into remodeling a possibly crass material existence into a Godly existence.


To keep things simple, I will list the possibilities and it will be the (perhaps) easiest way for us to be able to see this altruistic utopian world, in your (and my) hands!


Neutral Bad Good
Sex Taking Giving
Money Hoarding Charity
Ego Arrogance Strength of character



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