If we look at God’s work this way, well everything becomes simple to understand



Imagine that you are a Creator


As a creator well you can create


But there are no limits on how, what, where, when or why you create – you are an infinite creator!


Imagine a programmer who is a graphic designer, there truly are no limits on what he can make our computer do, look like, etc. In fact everything you see on a computer was a combination of programming and graphic design; so every program, every app, every game you have ever played, can all be created, meaning, anything but anything, is possible.


Now, if this is who you are, is it a big deal to make something, as my father once shared with me, it states, that it is not great for God that he created the world.


As a creator it is in fact like saying someone can speak – sure to a person who is God-forbid dumb, a person who can speak is perhaps in a league of his own, but for a person who can create, creation actually is meaningless.


However, there is still something that holds quite a significance and that is transformation through the created being.


Sure you can create, but can you create something which is limited and that limited thing will transform itself into a something unlimited.


When a Jew overcomes his Yetzer Hara and sees himself as God, for his soul is God and then submits his thoughts speech and actions to God – e.g. the Rebbe – then the otherwise limited human being (and of course this applies to every Jew even in a smaller way) merges the unlimited power of God in his limited being.

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