How to download God

You see God is present, in fact he is so present that even children know he is here; they just know, for his presence, like the world we live in, is real!

The thing is, that there is an opposing force that conceals his presence!

In other words:

Our minds, in a moment of quiet contemplation, know perhaps everything basic about reality; but our minds, do not really have moments of quiet solitude, contemplation, etc.

Rather more like all the stations of a radio playing at once, our mind is a unique cholent (blend) of information, much of it coming not from our minds, but rather from the Yetzer Hara.

Who is Dr. Evil, aka, the Yetzer Harah!?

Every one of us is given an angel, more like a demon; whose sole job it is, to harass us, to drive us to distraction; to mainly get us to become doubters about the truth of God’s existence, which we are so certain of.

However there is a trick, an awesome magical trick that works.

When you do this, you shut the channel of Yetzer Hara off!

Suddenly your inner clarity, matches your outer knowledge!

And this is the trick:

Ein oid milvadoi

Say to yourself “the only thing that exists (for all existence is a constant continuously recreation, like a computer screen needs to refresh itself all the time, for the image on it to appear; hence all existence has no existence save for the hard-drive – ever see a screen work without a hard-drive?) is God.”

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