Its all about the process


One of the most difficult concepts to grasp is that we are not heading towards a destination rather towards a relationship


Men and women actually see the world differently


Almost all women are heading toward a relationship, are in a relationship, desire a relationship in their relationship etc. etc.


Almost all men have some kind of fantasy of grandeur in the direction they are subtly heading (hence midlife crisesis when their dreams don’t seem to have any chance of getting fulfilled etc.)


God seems to be more of a woman than a man.


In fact, the fact is, that Kabbalistickly we state, the end is from the beginning, the final thing God created is woman so God is basically a woman!


Women have the power to create which is God’s power etc. etc.


So what is this relationship God is looking for, and we are heading to?


Imagine that you, yes you, could unite with God?


Quite a feat!


This is the beginning, middle and end of man’s destiny!


You see, in the beginning the “lonely” God created man who sought grandiosity, only to see through two world wars his incredible stupidity and after having attained his sexual perversions and fantasies also realized that, that too has no reality, and hence he too began to search for God.


So now he finds God and once man chooses God this cements the God, for in return God takes  man on an infinite journey into the esoteric realms where his lot will infinitely discovering as much as man can understand.


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