Why do Jews cause so much hatred?



What are the Arabs after?


Do they want Israel?


A land they could have tried to have for thousands of years and never bothered?


No, they want as they say, as all antisemites going no further back then the Nazis (yemach shemam) them dead.


Why would a Muslim kill a Rabbi and his two children and another child?




The answer of course stems from star-wars.


What is star-wars?


Nothing more, though nothing less, then the war of evil against the few good people.


Think about the amount of time, of money, that goes into harming Jews.


Again, when we simply look at Hitler’s maniacal genocide, if nothing else the vast amount of time and resources that went into it, is simply a suicidal, (as it really was, for he used trains to kill Jews, above the needs of his army.)


Similarly, what is going on in Israel with literally hundreds of millions of Arabs and Muslims spending day and night with the sole aim of how to kill a Jew.




The answer is simple.


Evil is jealous of the happiness in the good, and jealousy causes a desire to annihilate the irritant (like a mosquito you would love to kill as he is buzzing in your ear for the last hour).

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