The Rebbe

Today is your birthday

My birthday?

Yes your birthday!

You see, according to Kabbalah there is a single soul in every generation that all of the energy of life comes through him

This is the Lubavitcher Rebbe, the general soul which all of our souls are an offshoot of his.

The Rebbe is the one who having immersed himself in the truth is the one that unlike every other man, influenced by the vagrancies of taavois, are instinctual pleasures, and worse by the shame of non-conformity into conformity with the pervading human stupidities (for every generation has new human attraction “ideals,” which become the “moral,” or immoral compass of their society,) can convey to us – subjects of both our human instincts and need to conform, the truth.

The Rebbe is the one who ensures freedom of choice.

The outside world also ensures freedom of choice.

One to the good, the other to the bad.

You choose.

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