Why so much shmutz, so quickly?



When I was in 700 a young very knowledgeable Rabbi about Moshiach, taught me;


There were certain subconscious desires that like a low level virus consistently weakening the immune system needed to be exposed to the environment, for it is not the enemy in the open you need to worry about, rather the enemy in the bushes you do.


You see as long as the subconscious desires for bizarre sexual fantasies were swept under the carpet it could never be eliminated


According to the Rebbe in a Mammer it is actually this that was the cause of man’s fall for Adam glanced into the portals of pornography to see what was there and as man by nature is affected by what he sees he immediately descended from his spiritual pursuit.


From that day, the admixture of good and evil, of lust and love were so tightly twined that no man could unwind them.


In fact it is this that Kabbalah teaches that will rectify the world.


In other words, by distinguishing between what is permitted and repulsive, what is holy and profane will we rectify the sin of Adam and once again bring God into humanity.




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