We are a composite, light and darkness, greatness and the devil himself



I have recently been thinking – someone has to – a lot about the idea that the entire world is contained within each and every individual!


Each person is the universe in microcosm!


In a sense, to understand ourselves we only need to look outside of ourselves;

You see the reason this is so important, is, that, in ourselves we cannot see anything but pure goodness.


This is because it states all koil pishaim tichaseh ahavah, love blinds one to any fault.


Outside of ourselves, we are very capable of seeing faults.


But all that exists outside of us also exists in us.


Is the rude obnoxious evil person not a person with goodness too?


Our sages state, that even the heinous Jews are packed with goodness like pomegranate seeds fill the pomegranate.


In other words, light and darkness, good and evil are two realities within us.


So to decipher between who we aught to be, and whom we aught not to be, God has created a stage that encompasses billions of actors – choose whom you desire to emulate.

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