I think a good way at looking at ourselves is like this, we are a car; we go where we want to go

But there are three drivers and the loudest one wins


We have our soul which mainly is the conscious conscience decisions we make with our minds


Then we have our heart, our instincts for pleasure and fear of pain.


And then we have our narcissistic ego which is very sensitive and even works against our heart in protecting our identity.


Ultimately in order for us to drive in one direction we need a new identity for the mind is usually the softest voice with the heart the loudest and the ego the strongest


So tell yourself “I am not the childhood identity superimposed by my fears and needs, rather I am truly God Himself as my soul and all souls are directly Godliness; what is in my best interest is to follow God’s advice (this takes care of the heart) and furthermore this will protect me from all harm.


Well now you have freed your conscious conscience mind to drive towards a happy, productive and meaningful life.


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